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How to Think Like a Tycoon and Start a New Life

Updated on April 13, 2013
Tycoon's Hands Full of Gold
Tycoon's Hands Full of Gold

Now that you know the four secrets to becoming wealthier, covered here:- Four Step Plan to Becoming a Millionaire, than you have ever dreamed, it is time for you to take the next step. This does not mean examining business plans (that will be covered later!)... No. You see, before you can achieve the financial-success you are looking for, you need to change your mindset...

If you want to become a tycoon, you must think like one. There three fundamental "thought patterns" or principles that tycoons stick to "tighter than glue" and it is what distinguishes them from "ordinary" entrepreneurs:

Principle #1: To be great at what you do, you must believe what you do is fun

A tycoon is involved in something creative and beautiful. S/he must invariably bring forth upon the world a product or service that people want. A "something" that people will willingly part with their earnings for. Tycoons enjoy doing what they can be great at, providing an abundance of goods and services that people want and can afford. Every tycoon has an invisible directive flashing like a neon sign in his brain...

Principle #2: Find a need and fill it

A tycoon does not count his money every day to measure his success. Dollars are just evidence of votes from his previous day, votes of confidence in the particular goods or services that the tycoon is providing. A tycoon gets his confidence from within himself, not through these monetary votes. Any businessman who wants to keep on being successful, however, must continue to deliver needed goods and services, or the people will vote their money for a new tycoon.

If you think you are not clever enough, relax. Most tycoons have average IQ's. The straight A students are too busy getting PhDs and looking for teaching jobs to make it in business. You can begin with little or no money and become a multi-millionaire. As for having no business sense, whatever acumen you lacked before today, you will have tomorrow.

Principle #3: Learn from the best people's mistakes...

All people should learn from their own mistakes, but you can benefit more cheaply from other people's mistakes. It helps to look at what some successful tycoons who failed have in common. Businessmen who have made it big once and then went downhill have frequently over-expanded. They got careless and did not attend to emergencies or details. They did not have time anymore. In contrast, a successful tycoon leaves nothing to chance. He makes time to watch over his investments or hires competent help to do it for him. It is much easier to be extremely successful on a small scale when you are starting out in familiar territory than it is when you have the riches of a Bill Gates.

Sound simple? In theory it is. How hard can it be to do what you love and fulfill a consumer need at the same time? Not very...But do not be fooled. If the basic principles of success are easy, then why do so many entrepreneurs fail? This question will be covered on my next post.


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    • profile image

      Angela 4 years ago

      Do you ever think that listing to a 6th generation Texan sing a very good version of Patsy Klines Crazy ever helped anyone...... I know I sing it a lot more and better now that I am thin and smarter. I live in Utah. Strange place for a girl who loves jazz so much she named her home Birdland and her horse Hank after Mobley...

    • veejay23 profile image

      veejay23 7 years ago from South Africa

      Thanks Tom. As long as you have a passion in whatever you do, you will never get bored.

    • profile image

      Tom Franklin 7 years ago

      Interesting article ! Regarding teaching jobs, I am teaching in China (, which is very enjoyable