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Tips on How to Succeed in searching for work

Updated on April 29, 2012

There is nothing more demeaning than being unemployed. Anyone can lose his or her job these days. As there is no appreciation or respect for the years of service you gave your ex boss no matter how hard you worked.

Many years ago the majority of employees received gold watches or similar rewards to show appreciation for their diligence and good work. Now you only have personal satisfaction that you have done your best.

So always do the best, that you can do. Then no one can take that away from you.

Today, the big companies send in the number crunchers, to sack the so-called dead wood. More often than not, they are not dead wood; they need to cut expenses by making reductions. They actually do this to prove their own standing in the eyes of the company. It's nothing to do with the worker him/herself.  When this happens, other workers have to take on more responsibilities, to cover the loss of the sacked employee.

The number crunchers leave once the dirty works done. This leaves the manager or boss, looking good, he can show compassion to the staff, as he can say it was out of his control.

Accepting the inevitable


Unemployment brings many knocks to our confidence, personal satisfaction and often leaves people feeling worthless.

No one is worthless. We are all born equal; therefore, it is up to each individual to do their personal best at all times. No one can expect more than that.

Appropriate Resume

Never ever, write down every job you have done on your Resume. Believe me, NO interviewer EVER reads the whole Resume. Until they get down to last qualified applicants.

They do not have time to go through pages and pages of information. If you need help on compiling yours, check for the Resume templates on the internet there are many for you to use if needed.

Resume Details.

Keep all Resumes short and sharp. Have several, suited to various vacancies. Never enclose a resume for a secretarial position that states you babysat, for Mrs. Jones that is irrelevant. On the other hand, if applying for a shop Assistant position do not show you worked as a Secretary, it makes you over qualified for the position.

  • List your personal details, name, address, age, marital status.
  • Education; list the recent and relevant qualifications.
  • Experience, list the most recent company where you worked and position you held, then add a few other relevant positions before that.
  • Referees: Add names and phone numbers of good referees.
  • Spelling errors: Check for spelling and punctuation errors before sending away.

Applying for vacancies

Before you start looking for a job, you need to decide if you will take any position, to have money coming in, or be selective.

Purchase a small book, then, write down every company, in your area where you could work. Add their address and phone numbers. Sit down and ring every one of them. Ask for the personnel officer; write down his name for future reference.

If you need to take any type of work now, then ask if there are any vacancies. Alternatively, if being selective, ask for the type of vacancies to suit you.

Write down the date you rang and tick each one off and who you spoke to when you rang. This will keep your record up to date.

If they have no vacancies, ask if you could send a resume, although personally, I found it better to phone each and every month. Most companies will put your resume in the draw, and forget it.

By ringing on a regular basis they know you are keen to find work, and will impress them with your diligence. Continue to ring everyone on that list. At the same time, keep checking the newspapers and your local unemployment offices.

I obtained all my jobs, as manager, secretary, receptionist, caravan park manager, courier driver and managing a Babysitting and Cleaning agency, all by doing the above. I had no regrets.

Personally, I found the phone more beneficial and less degrading than walking door to door or driving everywhere and much cheaper than spending it on fuel and bus fares. Keeping expenses to a minimum is very important when unemployed.


The interview

Before going to any interview, find out everything you can about the company, what they manufacture, or sell. If they ask questions, it will prove that you have done your homework because you know the details of that company and know you are keen to work for them.

Dress appropriately for the position you are applying. Be prompt, allow for those little emergencies that could hold you up.

Be confident, even though you are shaking in your shoes. Never let them suspect that, as they could be just as nervous. Answer questions to the best of your ability. Look the person in the eye, ask them questions, to show an interest in the position on offer. Show initiative, and prove to them that you can do the job if given the chance. Never go to an interview chewing on a sweet or gum.

The Mature job applicant

For the mature applicant, I would suggest you leave your age off the resume. Even when the advert may state a particular age requirement, leave that off your application. Once at the interview, you have the chance to prove yourself worthy of the position. Do not let this opportunity slip away.

I went for an interview once as a secretary, having used computers for years, I was shocked when he said I would have to use an electric typewriter. I thought oh well, how hard could that be? I got the job, and soon found that an electric typewriter wasnt so simple to use after all.


No matter how long you are out of work, never give up. You deserve the chance to work the same as everyone else. If you are having trouble finding a suitable position, then think seriously on applying for any vacant position. When things improve, look for something better.

You could do casual work. Take on two or three different casual positions, one of them may become permanent. You will never know if you do not try.

Put both feet forward and go after what you want in life.


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