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How to Track Keywords/ Backlinks and Stay at the Top? The Answer is AHREFS

Updated on September 25, 2016

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Ahrefs is a multinational start-up company dealing with the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. It provides one of the world's best tools for tracking backlinks and keywords and also help in analyzing the quality of traffic received by the competitors' websites.

The company has its headquarter in Singapore and became officially known to people in the year 2011.

Within a very short span of time, the company has proved its value in the global market and today, it is used by many top companies worldwide. Ahrefs is also planning to launch its affiliate program very soon.

Ahrefs Customer Support

Ahrefs provide 24/7 help to all its service users. Besides the contact details, it also has chat service that is available at the bottom right section of the website.

The Ahrefs team always makes sure that even the tiniest problem of each user is completely resolved and gives proper instructions about how to take one's website at the top of SEO ranking.

Ahrefs Alexa Rank

Ahrefs enjoys a global rank of 2159, which has significantly improved in the past few months. It is estimated that the site's rank will reach to a better number in the upcoming time.

Ahrefs General Terms

  • Ahrefs Rank : Alike Alexa, Ahrefs rank also tells you about your relative rank with respect to other websites on the Internet.
  • Anchors : These are the HTML tags <a href=""></a> used for providing backlinks.
  • Backlinks : The number of incoming hyperlinks on a website.
  • Domain Rating : The domain rating refers to the quality of your website, which is measured by the number of backlinks and content originality.
  • Fresh Index : Fresh Index reflects the data of the past few months, generally three, giving information about the working and dead links.
  • Live Index : Unlike Fresh Index, Live Index gives information only about the working links.
  • Referring Content : The referring content is the one that brings major traffic on a website.
  • Referring Domains : Referring Domains include a list of unique domains that contain hyperlinks for a specific URL.
  • Referring Page : Referring Page is the one that includes hyperlinks for a URL.
  • Sitewide / Not Sitewide : This is a term given to specify the location of a URL on different web pages.
  • URL Rating : Ahrefs measures URL rating through the number of links pointing to it and the quality of content present on that web page. The better the URL rating, better will be its ranking on the search engines.

Ahrefs Database Potential

Ahrefs makes use of database with extremely huge capacity, which currently holds data about trillions of websites. Here are its basic features in the picture below:

Ahrefs Key Features

1. Site Explorer

The Site Explorer helps you to get a detailed information about backlinks of your competitors' websites. The backlinks help the website in reaching to a better SEO rank. If the website is shown in the top ten results, then this tool can tell you what links are making the website's rank stronger.

Site Explorer
Site Explorer

2. Positions Explorer

Positions Explorer helps to analyze the main reasons of traffic to a website. It reveals the specific keywords and also shows the amount of traffic received by each web page of that website. Knowing this information can help you to generate better content which will ultimately increase your website traffic.

Positions Explorer
Positions Explorer

3. Content Explorer

Content Explorer displays a list of pages with URL along with the number of times they are shared on different social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. Since content plays the most crucial role for any website, you will have the golden chance to write higher quality content than your competitor and use more effective backlinks.

Content Explorer
Content Explorer

4. Position Tracker

Position Tracker helps you to know your keyword ranking in different countries, languages and devices. Ahrefs has made it quite easy for you to track your website position as it itself mails you the report on either daily, weekly or monthly basis. It depends on your choice.

Position Tracker
Position Tracker

5. Crawl Report

Crawl Report generates the information regarding the SEO issues on your website. It not only tells you about the problems, but also gives you suggestions on how to solve it. It helps you to optimize your site for SEO by generating response codes and calculating the time taken by each web page to load completely.

Crawl Report
Crawl Report

6. Ahrefs Alerts

Ahrefs Alert is an effective method to monitor the backlinks not only on your website, but also on your competitors'. Besides backlinks, it also informs you about your real time situations and what people think about you and your competitors' websites. The report is generated on daily/ weekly/ real-time basis depending on your selection.

Ahrefs Alerts
Ahrefs Alerts

It is a Paid Service

Ahrefs does give you a trial option of 7 days, which is $7. When your trial gets over, you have two options; Lite and Standard.

In Lite, you have to pay $99/ month, while in standard you will be charged $179/ month.

With nearly a million of users using this site on a daily basis, it can be concluded that paying this amount is definitely full of worth and will help you to get a better reputation for your website among the users.


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