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How to Transform Idle Time Infront of the Computer Into Cash

Updated on May 21, 2011

Online Writing Job

The Internet Presents many earning opportunities, and one of these is online writing. If you would like to make your idle time more productive, there are paying writing jobs available. Finding the right one won't be easy, but it will be fruitful if you go through the right channels.

Finding Opportunities

SEARCH ENGINES A search engine, like Google, will be the best place to start. With the right keyword, search results can lead you to different writing jobs. There are lots of companies that are always on the lookout for new writers, and they post advertisements for such openings on the web.

WRITING COMPANIES You can also choose to become affiliated with some of the foreign and local writing companies. To qualify as a writer for these site ( you will have to go through a screening process that will involve an English proficiency test.

PAID BLOG ARTICLES If you maintain a blog and wish to earn extra money from it, you can sign up at SponsoredReviews ( or PayPerPost (, where you can bid for the opportunity to write paid reviews.

JOB DATABASES Jobstreet, Best Jobs, and CareerJet can also be helpful, Just create an online resume for their database, and you'll recieve alerts if any online writing opportunities become available.

Working as a Freelance Writer

The tasks are different depending on the company. If you become a writer for a company, you will be catering to clients that require assistance in their academic essays, term papers, book reports, and so on. As an affiliate, you will have the chance to view opportunities and accept orders. If you work directly with a client, the process will be different. You will receive daily tasks to write reviews, articles, and rewrites through email.

Regardless of what kind of job you wish to pursue, you will need a computer to be able to start this endeavor, as well as fast internet connection (to receive tasks and to research on topics). Other companies will require you to sign up with Paypal, which can be linked to you local bank account; local companies will give their payments through bank transfer or Western Union.

IMPORTANT: Know the rules of plagiarism before getting started.

Are you on your way?

If writing is your passion, this job is easy. Playing with words comes naturally to some people, and if you have a lot of time to do just that, then you should try earning from it. However, just like any job, there are pros and cons to online writing:


  • You can do this anywhere: home, school, work or a coffee shop
  • You can earn good money: for doing something that you love.
  • It is flexible. You have the prerogative to accept or refuse tasks, so you can still maintain your job, attend to your family, and enjoy life. (Direct hires will need to give prior notice)
  • Direct hires can earn as much as $300 part time - $900 fulltime. Affiliates of the likes of PayPerPost earn as much of US$200 per opportunity.
  • It is easy. Depending on the task/job, you will have to devote five to eight hours per day.


  • You have to be in front of the computer a lot of the time.
  • You get no byline as articles and reviews will be posted online under someone else's name.
  • It can be monotonous especially if this is the only thing you do.
  • Paid blog articles and writing opportunities are less stable. You have to wait for opportunities, and not all tasks are simple. (Direct hiring is more stable because you get daily tasks and regular monthly or bi-monthly pay)
  • It takes some getting used to. Work is not difficult to manage, but rules on plagiarism and keyword usage will be stressed.


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