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How to Turn your Plain Jane Website into an eBook or Course Selling Machine

Updated on September 2, 2012

Many people build their eBook or Store Websites on WordPress with a basic layout and theme, then wonder why their sales are just not happening. If you consult with website designers you would think it's all about the design look and feel, and proper navigation, but I can tell you that it is not.

Experimentation is fine for scientists, but in marketing there are tools to Test variations of your site or landing pages. The product 'Unbounce' will let you test variants for landing pages and squeeze pages largely for nix and you don't need a website designer. It already has the large buttons and so on that you need. It integrates with MailChimp and Aweber.

A squeeze page is where you get your prospect to sign up by automated email for a free report or video. Its light on information, but heavy on the curiosity factor. A free taste, in whatever form, is widely known to be effective for selling e-courses and ebooks.

You can also test which lead sources work best with your website or squeeze page.

If you want to A/B Split Test a whole website then that is possible in Google's Website Optimiser and using Google Analytics to check results. Ensure your developer trains you on these amazing tools.

Then you will be able to tell which website design / squeeze page is giving you the most conversion. Don't expect raging success but at least you know you can always change and improve. I would also suggest that compelling copywriting is a must for all sales-oriented web pages.

At Red Planet Design we are launching e-commerce websites that have an email opt-in built in, can be specifically mobile-friendly and cater specifically to the business owner's intentions.

The readability of your eBooks on different devices is important - so read up all about ePub format.

Of course there are ways to draw attention to your eBooks, and with good design you can interest people in your ebook from all different parts of a large website or blog. These colour ads can be put on the sidebar.

Other Payment and Cart Tools

Infusionsoft will do digital downloads and ecommerce carts, but they are complex to set up and charge a lot monthly.

WordPress integrates well with a Shopping Cart we use called eqwid, and the cart does not charge monthly. You only pay for the design time to set up. It also integrates with Facebook Stores, so no longer do you have to update things twice.

PayPal also do not charge monthly, but they charge a small percentage per transaction. Your developer/designer needs to set up a Thank You page and integrate it nicely.


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