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How to use a recruiter to find a new job and to get hired!

Updated on January 14, 2013

Who you know is EVERYTHING!

In my professional life, I am a Hospitality Management Recruiter. Everyday, I receive over 100 resumes from candidates hoping to upgrade their career and their earnings. There are many things that I have learned as a recruiter (many of which I hope to share) but I felt that the most important thing should be shared first...who you know is EVERYTHING in today's virtual job hunt.

Craigslist, Monster, Career Builder, Indeed, and the numerous other job hunting sites are all great places to see who is hiring. I would caution you, however, to not hit that "APPLY NOW" so quickly. The "APPLY NOW" button sends your electronic information directly to the inbox of the company's recruiter. These company recruiters probably receive 10 times the number of resumes that I receive. This means that you are no more than a number and your piece of virtual paper.

Another popular way to secure an upgraded position is to utilize an independent recruiter. Independent recruiters work on commission only and are paid for by the companies that they represent. Companies employ such recruiters as a first line of defense against undesirable candidates. Recruiters screen out candidates who do not meet the profiles of hiring companies, get detailed information, write extensive profiles on their candidates including employment details, energy and passion information, and in many SPEAK LIVE to the hiring manager making candidates more than a piece of paper. While this is my preferred way of job can still go painfully wrong for a candidate if they aren't selective and honest throughout the process. Utilizing too many recruiters and failing to provide accurate information can cause these recruiters to "sell" your profile to the same companies multiple times. This clearly puts you at a disadvantage as you look "exposed". Later, I will go through the BEST way to recruiters!

Blind Ads...Oh how the digital job hunt has changed. Now, recruiters and hiring companies are able to post things that are referred to as "Blind Ads". These ads profile a company, their position requirements, specifications, and even salary range. One thing is missing.....the name of the Company. This means that a candidate may be applying to a company and recruiter that they are in a process with or have applied to previously. This is a SERIOUS blow to the candidates employment factor. Some hiring companies will even deduct points from hiring scoring if they have applied to these ads.

With these and so many other job hunting methods...what are you supposed to do to find the right job?!?!?!?

My best advice is to network with those who make the hiring decisions and those who can get you there.

Find an Independent Recruiter you trust. There are so many rules and things to avoid that having an ally is always a helpful tool (especially if this is your first hunt in the virtual age). Try to work with one recruiter at a time. Be truthful and honest about companies that you have already applied to and those that may have been contacted by other recruiters. Only express interest in companies that fit with what you want in a career as well as fits in your salary range. There is never much success in asking for $10,000 over a company's salary cap. Most importantly, stay in constant contact with this recruiter throughout the entire process. These recruiters WORK FOR YOU. They have inside information as to where you stand with a company, what the company is looking for, and even how high the company will go on an offer.

If you choose not to go the recruiter route....NETWORK. Don't "over-expose" yourself by networking with anyone who will speak to you. This is a number one rule if you are currently employed and seeking new opportunities! Create or update your LinkedIn profile. Don't advertise that you are seeking. Simply connect with desirable company's recruiters, start discussions, and become involved in the online community. Then, when you see a posting that appeals to you...APPLY directly to the hiring manager! If you aren't as savvy as you should be with the online career hunt, get involved in your community and its events. There are still networking functions and career fairs which provide face to face time with those who may be interested in you or with people who may know of a great match for your skill sets.

The career hunt is changing daily. The best candidates are those who are still employed and those who a hiring company thinks may be "off the market". Being "over-exposed", having numerous different resumes in the air, and even applying too many times can severely diminish the number of opportunities and even offers that may be presented. Stay in a safe zone and your hunt should be short and fruitful. Go with whatever job search route feels best for YOU and for YOUR next career move. Everyone has a different path to success..even in the job hunt!


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    • Mommymay profile image

      Heather May 4 years ago from Ohio

      It was amazing to see how many mistakes I made as a candidate. The only right ones I made, landed me my dream job! I became a recruiter through networking!

    • profile image

      askpowers 4 years ago

      wow, amazing tips. Well, I am in recruiting team from last 5 years and its true that people with more interaction have more chances to get job.

      Best Regards,