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How to Use Branded T-Shirts to Promote Your Business

Updated on August 2, 2018
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Jennifer Wilber is an author and freelance writer from Ohio. She holds a B.A. in creative writing and English.

This is an excellent example of an attention-grabbing branded promotional t-shirt.
This is an excellent example of an attention-grabbing branded promotional t-shirt. | Source

Branded T-Shirts are a Great Way to Promote Your Small Business!

When done right, branded T-shirts can be an excellent way of marketing your business and expanding your brand visibility to new customers. If done correctly, you can turn your loyal customers and employees into walking billboards for your company by getting promotional t-shirts onto the backs of as many people as possible.

The easiest way to get your t-shirt onto as many people as possible is to give away free t-shirts featuring your brand’s logo to your loyal customers. Everyone loves free stuff, and many people will be more than willing to wear the free t-shirts they receive, especially if they already love your brand. There are several different ways you can go about giving away t-shirts.

Branded t-shirts featuring your logo are a great way to get your brand name recognized and gain new customers.
Branded t-shirts featuring your logo are a great way to get your brand name recognized and gain new customers. | Source

Turn Your Customers into Walking Billboards

Depending upon your marketing budget, you might want to simply give away free shirts to customers when they visit your business or make a purchase. This freebie not only turns your customers into walking billboards, but also gives them a sense that they are getting extra value from their purchase.

You might also consider giving away free t-shirts to people who visit your booth at marketing events. People are always on the lookout for freebies at event booths, and will gladly accept a t-shirt featuring your company’s logo. Most people love freebies, and will wear your branded t-shirt. While business cards will likely be thrown away as soon as they leave your booth, potential customers will hold onto your t-shirt. They will be reminded of your company every time they see the shirt. If you’re lucky, they will wear it often, advertising your brand everywhere they go.

Another excellent way of getting your branded t-shirt onto more people is to give away t-shirts as exclusive prizes for contests and giveaways. By making your t-shirts a prize and an exclusive item that can be won, people will feel proud to wear your shirt. People will gladly wear a shirt with your logo on it if it is perceived as an exclusive prize for a contest or giveaway. Winners will be glad to wear their t-shirt prizes and advertise your business for you.

Two promotional models at Igromir 2009 by Sergey Galyonkin, November 5, 2009
Two promotional models at Igromir 2009 by Sergey Galyonkin, November 5, 2009 | Source

Don’t Forget Your Employees

Whether your run a small business with only a few employees or a mid- to large-sized company with large teams, you may also consider giving your employees custom printed t-shirts featuring your company’s logo and encouraging them to wear their branded t-shirts to more casual company functions and networking events. If you’re lucky, some of your employees might even wear their logo tees outside of work on weekends or after hours. Depending on your industry, it could also be beneficial to provide branded work wear for employees to wear during their shifts. Polo shirts and jackets may be able to be branded via custom embroidery options.

Custom branded clothing is a great way to both boost employee moral while also spreading the word about your business. The logo appearing on your employees' clothing can be a great conversation started,and will help to create buzz about your business whenever your employees wear their branded t-shirts or other clothing.

PlayStation classic logo gray t-shirts at Taipei Game Show 2017 by Solomon203
PlayStation classic logo gray t-shirts at Taipei Game Show 2017 by Solomon203 | Source

Other Options

Other options for custom-printed or custom-embroidered branded items to give away as walking advertisements include polo shirts, sports jackets, tote bags, shopping bags, and baseball caps. The more different giveaway items you can budget into your advertising budget, the more new customers you can reach.

By giving away a wide variety of items featuring your brand's logo, you are increasing the likelihood of your logo being seen by new potential customers or clients, and increasing the visibility of your band.

by Benutzer:Brunswyk, 2009
by Benutzer:Brunswyk, 2009 | Source

Let Your Customers and Employees Advertise For You!

If done right, branded t-shirts, as well as other clothing and bags, featuring your logo can be a great tool for promotion and boosting brand recognition. Your most valuable resource for building your business is your customers. Letting your customers advertise for you is an effective and cost-efficient way of boosting your marketing efforts and your business’s profit for years to come.


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