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How to Use Google Adwords to Make Your Online Business More Profitable

Updated on June 11, 2010

How to Use Google Adwords to Make Your Online Business More Profitable

Advertisers have the freedom of working at their own page with Google AdWords. If offers an effective way to advertise a product without owning a website. You can choose your own strategies and methods, which is why AdWords works so well. If you've ever worked with Google AdWords and couldn't see the results and had failed campaigns, then the following AdWords benefits should help you understand things better.

One very helpful feature of Google Adwords is that it makes it simple to split test your ads and keep the best ones. With split testing, you have a powerful method of continually testing and improving all of your ads. If you were advertising in the pre-internet age, it would have taken weeks or months to compare different ads and see which was performing best. When you use Adwords, however, you can easily compare different ads that are using the same keywords. Then you simply drop the ad that is not performing as well and replace it with another one, which you also test, and so on. As you keep comparing and replacing ads from one campaign to the next, you gradually create more and more profitable ads. Your success with AdWords depends on how well you test your ads, so that you don't lose money on bad campaigns. A website is not really required to promote through AdWords because there are lots of advertisers making money without their own site. What you can do is, sign up for an affiliate program and become the affiliate of a product in your target market. When you know where you need to send the traffic, you can use AdWords to advertise the offer. You must include an affiliate link in your advertisement which can be obtained from the site of the affiliate program. When a user clicks on this link and orders the product you're selling, you'll receive a commission for that sale. Finding lots of products to promote and then focusing on one that converts well should be your main goal.

You can use AdWords to test a new product and determine how well received it is by the market. How can you determine if a new product will be successful? You can use AdWords to test the profitability of your product by creating a lot of ads. After allowing your ads to run for a while you will be able to determine which keywords are converting and which ad copy is the most effective. You can be sure that you won't have good results with your product if only a few people click on your ad or none at all. You will save money as well as time because you would have incurred significant expenses on marketing a failed product.

As good an advertising system as Adwords is, success is not always immediate, and in some cases the problem is not with the ad itself. In addition to clicks, you also have to pay attention to your conversion rate, and for this to be good you need an effective and relevant landing page. If your landing page is not well done or does not match your ad what will happen is that you'll see traffic but not get opt-ins or sales.


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