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5 Tips to Using Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

Updated on March 23, 2012

How Very Pinteresting!

Pinterest is the newest social media website on the block and it has become an overnight sensation! Following in the footsteps of giants like Google+, Twitter and Facebook can't have been easy for a new website, but Pinterest has shown that it is here and here to stay!

Right now Pinterest is HOT! I mean ice-cream-melting-in-the-freezer type hot. It's been gaining popularity by the day and is currently getting over seven million hits monthly. In 2011 it showed 4000% growth. NOT BAD. Therefore, when it comes to marketing your online businesses it would be foolish not to pay attention to this phenomenal social media site and analyze ways in which it can be used to market your business online. Here are a few tips on how to use Pinterest as a marketing tool.

Books on Pinterest!

1. Don't Force It!

Pinterest has a unique client base, that could be likened to small woodland creatures. If you go blustering in, shouting and waving your arms around in a desperate manner to get their attention, they are going to bolt. But if you are kind, interesting and offer them quality stuff to nibble on, they are going to warm up to you, and you will have gained a valuable audience to market to.

Pinterest users are people who, for the most part, really care and love that website! If you rush in, spamming your Pinterest boards with your merchandise or links to your pages no one is going to want you around, let alone buy your stuff and visit your site. Pinterest users are a savvy lot when it comes to spotting boards that are too self-serving, so don't just use Pinterest to try and get a leg up in the business world. Instead, learn to love Pinterest yourself! Use it on a daily basis to pin things that you love whether or not they have anything to do with your business on not. When pinners see that you're a real person with interests, likes, a sense of humour and eye for great pictures they are going to want to follow you. And that's so important if you are going to use pinterest as a marketing tool.

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2. Social Networking Takes Time

Like any other social network sites, you aren't going to become a hit sensation on Pinterest overnight. Expect to spend a fair amount of time on the site learning to be able to understand the basics, and to get the unique feel of Pinterest. Try focussing on building relationships with individuals known for their quality "pins" on the site. These good relationships will eventually help you and your business to get your name out there, which in turn raises the probability of getting quality posts on your product. Focus on establishing relationships with individuals that have common interests as you, that make good use of Pinterest themselves and that have a high amount of repinning and liking of their stuff. Finding these types of pinners will go a long way to being able to start a natural but effective marketing campaign on Pinterest. This takes time and patience but it can definitely be worth it.

Use Strong Visual Images on Your Webpages


3. You Need to Have Pictures to Pin!

It's a simple fact that there wouldn't be a Pinterest without pictures on the internet. So your website or blog needs to have great pics for pinners to pin! Make sure you use gorgeous and interesting photos (that you own of course) of your products, your logo, coupons you may be offering and other interesting things. These are going to be what pinners see, so it's going to be what they associate with your business. Another thing you may not be aware of yet is that you can "pin" videos too! So make sure your website/blog are media content rich so that both you and those who frequent your site will be compelled to pin your great stuff!

Follow People Who Have Common Interests as You


4. Be A Follower!

As I mentioned earlier, having quality pinners follow you is vital to using Pinterest as a marketing tool. In addition to getting followers by pinning great content, try engaging some of these folks by following them first. Not only will you get to see great pins, but they may want to follow you back. Following big hitters is a proven tip that has worked on other social media websites such as Twitter and can be adapted to Pinterest. The advantage of having a prolific person follow you is obvious. If they like your stuff, they'll repin it and their hundreds or even thousands of followers will then see it and be able to either click through to your website or repin it themselves, thus furthering your marketing reach.


5. Make use of Pinterest's Tools

Pinterest is not only an interesting site but a well run one. They have provided several tools to help bloggers and website owners use Pinterest to it's full potential. There is the "Pin It" button you can install on your website that will allow your readers to pin your work onto Pinterest quickly and easily. There is also the "Follow" button you can put onto your webpage so that your readers can be sure to follow your great boards! Both of these options should definitely be made use of if your hoping to use Pinterest as a marketing tool.

So those are just a few tips to help you get on the road to marketing with Pinterest. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me! Also let me know if you need a Pinterest Invite!


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    • creamsoda profile image

      creamsoda 5 years ago from Canada!!!

      Thundermama! Pinterest is the best! For personal use or marketing! I totally recommend you check it out!

    • Thundermama profile image

      Catherine Taylor 5 years ago from Canada

      Another well written hub. I love your writing style. I am so new to the world of pintrest, I barely know what is going on. Maybe it is time to take that step.

    • manojpallai profile image

      manojpallai 5 years ago from India

      it's really cool site, especially it's for eCommerce websites.

    • clairemy profile image

      Claire 5 years ago

      I already use Pinterest and there is alot going for it.