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How to Use Social Media

Updated on July 6, 2010

How to Use Social Media

When you're marketing a business, in today's world it should include social media marketing. Marketing is the basis for the growth of any good business. Social media and Facebook in particular is the newest, shiniest tool in the line of other forms of marketing, but it’s merely another instrument that’s been tried before such as MySpace or AOL that failed in the past. Possibly the reason for their failure was because there wasn't much in the way of social media training to lead people where they needed to go with the new tool.

Marketing has been around forever and in today’s marketing world, learning how to use social media has to be part of your plan. People are always looking for the next exciting marketing device. Facebook and other tools such as Twitter are merely newer methods to get people into your sales funnel. The end goal is to get people all the away into a lead and then into a sale. When you look at it that way, you have to always be on the alert for what people are listening to and responding to. Five years from now, it may not be Facebook. If you focus all your energies in just one type of marketing or social media marketing, you won’t be keeping up with and reaching your target audiences. There’s a big uproar of the “quit Facebook day.” “Social media experts” say Facebook’s going down because there are privacy issues. It’s not likely that 10,000 people or more will quit because of the privacy issues. But people thought the same way about MySpace five years ago. Who knows who’s going be the next big thing. You just need to really understand the core of marketing and then just adapt your style for the sites or through the methods that work for you.

Social Media has a lot of benefits and a lot of advantages. The tools work now but they’re just tools. They’re not, all of it. You don’t just do Social media marketing, you do marketing. And usingSocial Media is one of the components of your marketing piece. Facebook provides a great marketing advantage with an Official Facebook Page where you can post all sorts of content in a forum where you can post many types of content and engage in meaningful conversations.

To find out more about this new and robust form of marketing, you can find out more about social media training by just Googling “social media” or “social media training” or any number of words that have to do with the topic. You are sure to come up with a few results to read about it, of training classes and seminars and podcasts and videos.

With social media, you must have a plan, like any other marketing tool, follow the plan with good content and then be sure to use good social media etiquette. Your plan should include researching your market and finding a niche, providing good content the people want to follow, decide upon a way to capture your leads, and then developing relationships with those people who become followers. With these key items, you can develop a social media content marketing plan that will turn followers into real customers.


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