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How to Use Squeeze Pages - 4 Ways to Capture Leads

Updated on April 24, 2012

There are many great services, products, and information out there that businesses are offering to people on a daily basis. Sometimes those people opt in for a subscription to their business, other times they do not.

There are so many business websites I see out there every day where they forgot to add a sign up box for customers. They end up giving away tons of free information and they do not offer to supply the customers with more by capturing any contact information. Sometimes it is just too difficult for the visitor to find the subscription box. They place the box in these odd corners or they have to scroll way down a page to find what you are searching for. Others do not have any type of opt in box and the visitors have to remember to book mark the page or lose it forever. When you have a business or a landing page on the internet it is in your best interest to capture as much information about your visitors as possible. I’m not talking about stalking; a simple valid email address is the goal.

When you own a business and create a squeeze page the intention should be for the visitor to take an action. Getting an email address is one of the best ways you can leverage your sales because you can then be in communication with them. Back in the old day’s people would opt in via snail mail to get advertisements like catalogs, flyers or other information. Today with the internet the squeeze page is how you acquire the information from visitors interested in your product or information.

There are many different options available to business with the right a squeeze page. If, you place the information in a easily accessible location than it will be used by each of your visitors who arrive. Once you have established a relationship with your visitors you can then gain their trust. Once you do then there are many other options that open up to you including advertising and selling your products

There are 4 main types of squeeze pages that you can use to capture lead information for your business.

- Light squeeze- this refers to squeeze pages that you setup that just have a basic opt in box. This is placed on the very front page with a little information about your service and product. Inform your In these types of boxes usually there is one opt in email address box that your visitors fill out.

-A Gentle Squeeze page for visitors is on that informs your visitors about the product or service you are offering. In a formal presentation about the type of product you have. This landing page usually consist of graphics, videos, bullet points and other information that the user will find useful about you r product.

-The Soft Squeeze is a little shorter page – This is a page that helps the visitor understands all that you offer. This type of squeeze page will consist of bullet points about your product or service that highlights the basics for the visitor.

-The Hard Squeeze- This is very simple several bullet points or video and a opt-in box. It gives the visitor a clear understanding of a agreeable call to action.

With all squeeze pages the idea is to always test, test, and test again. Find out what works best for you because they will all be different. Then you can start capturing the leads that your business can use to start to build that honest relationship with a visitor.


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  • onlinecashdigest profile image

    onlinecashdigest 5 years ago from Manila, Philippines

    Sometimes the LIGH SQUEEZE PAGE is more effective.

    Due to the curiosity develop in the website reader, makes them submit their name and email.

  • Lipnancy profile image

    Nancy Yager 6 years ago from Hamburg, New York

    I like to create my own Squeeze pages. Nothing flashy or unbelievavble.