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How to Use Your 9-6 Office Job to Help You With Outside Expenditure

Updated on June 16, 2017

I came up with this little blog idea one day, while I was sitting at my desk at work. I have always struggled with the idea of balancing my work life with greater purpose. Although I have never liked working a regular schedule, like many people, once I got out of college- and not really having a way to find immediate work doing what I want to do, which was something centered in (and still is) creative writing- I found myself working a stream of continual hours, and suddenly a part of the workaday world of my parents. This, incidentally, was something that I had vowed would never be a part of my life, because I abhorred everything having to do with the regular working day life, the workaday person, and all components of that aspect- I wanted something brighter for myself.

Unfortunately, this didn’t go accordingly to plan, and I found myself caught, like a cog in the spinning wheels of job after job. Weirdly, I ended up escaping all of these jobs, one after another, even though each individual ‘escape’ happened quite by accident, each time. I found myself going on ventures, and somehow scheming myself into different situations- which, then became reality . . . one of these included a five month teaching position in China, of which workaday facet turned out very bad, worse than most of the jobs that I’d had. The beauty of China, though, and the curiosities of being in a new place, kept me rooted there for a little while.

I moved to New York, a few months later, where I began to attend school at NYU, doing a program that I really didn’t feel myself one hundred percent married to, but doing well enough- with the student loans provided to me- to live comfortably. Consequently, after I ran out of money, during the summer months, not being able to take classes, and not having found myself a job at that point (comfortably as I had been from the loans), to pay my bills, I found myself working another 9-6 office position, this time at a dentist’s office. The work was quite engaging, but I quickly found myself sucked into the drone of the 9-6 schedule, enmeshed with a lunch hour, and the rest of the day’s 4 hour sections pretty much streamlined.

I got to thinking to myself, that maybe there was more opportunity to the position than I had imagined. Maybe they were simply hidden in the fabric of my mind, like so many of my dreams which seemed dormant, when sucked underneath the whirlpool of the everyday-

I had begun working with a chiropractic friend of mind, over the previous two or three weeks, about being a business consultant in a new program he was doing; it was a natural health, dietary regiment, and had tremendous opportunities that one could tap into, if one learned to be attentive enough.

Rather than let the opportunity slip by, as, it seemed I had, so many times in the past, I decided that I would find a way to take control of the matter. There was something my current employer was doing, in which she would have each of her employees make out a list, under the title ‘Daily Battle Plan.’ This would be used to help each of them create points on which they could work, which would help them to improve their current status in their personal positions, and work through them each of them on their time.

So, I had an idea- why not create one of my own for work to do ‘outside of work’? Why not work on this venture with my friend, which I actually cared more about, and find a way to disseminate my product to people? After all, much of my current work was about getting to know people, and- wasn’t that the whole point of dissemination?

I sketched these points out earlier during one of my stress moments, and would like to share it with anyone out there who can relate to my thoughts, here:

1. Make Out a Separate Battle Plan For Your Work Outside of Work Expenditures

2. Make Notes Fearlessly While You Are at Work: if you are relentless with this point, and approach it with courage, then your employer and work environment will not be able to get in the way of it.

3. Disseminate to People- Send out Text Messages to Those Who Are in Your Network: really, let’s be honest- how many people don’t text while they are at work anyway? I mean, seriously . . . we can lie about it all we want.

4. Get Ideas From Your Work- disseminate when appropriate!

5. Talk to People at Work- along the lines of the above- make friends with people!

6. Spend About Thirty Minutes, Scattered Throughout the Day, Getting New Ideas for Your Expenditure- how many of us don’t do this anyway, when we are staring off into space, contemplating the misery of our current situation? If you scatter these thirty minutes in ten throughout the day wisely, it’s more likely that your employer won’t be upset.

7. Write Fast- Send out your text messages, make your battle plan, and carry out the steps to the plan in spurts- the faster you write, basically, the less likely you are to be noticed, and will enable yourself stronger channels to continue doing it for an indefinite time- or, until you finally get the success you’re desiring!

Built into a broader context, anyone can find ‘true success’ and meaning at their current jobs. If you have further thoughts or ideas on the matter, feel free to message me here!

All the best ~


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