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How to Use an Avitar to Focus Your Business Marketing

Updated on January 5, 2012

What is an Avitar

When you are planning your advertising, writing your next hub or writing an article for back links an avitar will help you create a highly focussed piece. In a nutshell, an avitar is the creation of a very specific picture of your target audience. The use of an avitar has been used in the radio business for years, but you can use it to effectively target your marketing strategies.

Warren Buffet has his own method of creating an avitar when he writes his letter to the shareholders every year. His method is simple, he writes the letter as if it were to specific family members. He writes a letter to thousands of people every year but as he writes it he imagines his audience is his sisters.

How Your Message is Altered with an Avitar

As Mr. Buffet writes the letter to his sisters, he keeps their background information in mind. His sisters have as much information about his firm as the rest of his stockholders but they don't work inside of the company and they aren't as savvy with the jargon that he knows. By writing his letter with that in mind he can properly inform his shareholders without confusing them.

Your Avitar will help you focus your message so your audience gets the message you wan them to hear. If you don't have sisters to write to here is another way to create your very own avitar:

How to Create Your Own Avitar Step 1

The very first step in creating your avitar is deciding to whom you are trying to communicate your message. Many people get stuck with this very step. They say they have customers from many areas but here is how i help them narrow it down.

Think about your favorite type of customer. Even if you will accept money from anyone, just think about your favorite. Now answer a few questions about that particular customer:

  • Are they male or female? (If it is a family just think about the decision maker.)
  • How old is he/she?
  • What kind of work does he/she do?
  • What kind of car does she drive?

Now go deeper:

What is his/her favorite color?

What type of food does he/she eat?

Pretend like you are going on a date with your favorite customer and answer every single question you can, then you will be ready for step two.

Create Your Avitar Step 2 (the reason you went to kindergarten)

Now for the fun part. Give your avitar a name and look for them in a magazine. Now that you know everything you can possibly think of about your favorite customer, cut out a picture from a magazine that matches the description you just made.

Now tape your avitar to the corner of your computer. Every time you think of a new marketing campaign, think about how your newly named avitar respond. You have all of the juicy details so you can really get creative and get them to respond.

What about everyone else?

Many novice business owners resist this method of marketing because they are concerned that they will leave prospects behind. In reality your message will be highly focussed and attractive. Radio stations that use this method for example might create entire campaigns around the female listener even though they have quite a few male listeners as well.

A focussed message is a better message. Have fun creating your avitar for your business and watch it bring you many more customers.


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    • susan54 profile image

      susan54 5 years ago

      Frugalfamily, You are very talanted writer and teacher, I do not know much about hubs and avitars. Thank you for this hub. You should think about a flattop you would rock it!! Bye for now.

    • frugalfamily profile image

      Brenda Trott, M.Ed 5 years ago from Houston, TX

      Thanks for your comment Kellymom! It always feels good to know someone got something new:)

    • kellymom1970 profile image

      kellymom1970 5 years ago

      frugalfamily, Vote up! very good tips, I learned alot from this hub thanks.