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How to Volunteer and Help Others

Updated on November 18, 2014

Why Volunteer? Because it Feels Good to Help Others!

Helping others and volunteering not only gives someone a chance they may not have had before, but it also makes us feel great about assisting others. No matter what good deed you do for someone, you are making their life just a little better by pitching in and offering a hand. Helping others can be done simply by donating needed items, lending a hand in fixing something, helping an elderly person at home, or even volunteering your services at a non-profit facility. Here are some ways to enrich your life by helping others. You’ll be amazed at how good it feels to do something for someone who needs your help.


Donate Your Things

Donate clothing, food, furniture, household items, or money to those who are needy. Helping others can start with giving up the things you do not need to someone who is going without. Ever heard the saying "one person's garbage is another one's treasure"? You'd be surprised at the items you may have that you think are junk that could be very valuable to others in need. Simple items such as food and clothing are a daily necessity that many needy people don’t have the luxury of buying. When you can help others by giving up things you do not need, you’ll make someone elses life that much better and more complete. This in turn will make you feel good and enrich your life for lending a hand to someone else in poverty.


Tutor Those Who Struggle

Offer to tutor school age or college students who need help. If you are good in a certain subject such as English, Math, Science,…etc.,offer to help out those who are having trouble in these areas. Tutoring can be a great deed that reaps huge rewards. Helping others who are either failing certain school subjects or on the verge, can bring a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment. This is especially true when helping children. Some children do not have good solid homes where homework and schoolwork are tackled daily. These students are in most need of having someone who can help them to pass tough subjects and simply offer support. You can also choose to help students who are in college and having trouble passing classes. Either way, you’ll find the process of tutoring to be both challenging and rewarding.


Assist the Elderly

Help out the elderly who need a hand. Whether you simply help an elderly person put groceries into his or her car, or lend a hand when crossing the street, you’ll find the rewards of helping out to be amazing. There are many ways to help an elderly person that can greatly enrich your life. Try volunteering to take meals to elderly shut ins who cannot leave home, offer to clean the home of an elderly person who can’t get around well, or even spend time with an elderly person who is lonely. It feels good to help others and lending a hand to an elderly person can greatly enrich your life by offering a sense of accomplishment and hope to someone in need. If you are not sure what elderly people need help, contact your local church, food pantry, senior center, or Meals on Wheels foundation for more information.


Volunteer at Helpful Foundations

Offer volunteer services to places like the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, your local hospital, or women’s shelter (usually the YWCA). There are many places that need volunteers to help out in giving services to needy people of the community. Believe it or not, you can never have too many volunteers in the community and many social service facilities do not have enough help to give to people who are needy. Any amount of time you can give will be helpful and helping out others by volunteering will enrich your life by making you feel good. Try to give what you can to foundations that need assistance in helping the needy of the community. Even if all you can do is an hour a week. Volunteering is a great way to get to know people, help others in need, and also enhance a resume. You’ll be making the world a better place just by offering your time and services.


Volunteer in an Animal Shelter

Give to or help out at your local animal shelter. There are many pets in need of a good home, but while they are waiting to be adopted, any sit in an animal shelter that they call home. These shelters need cleaned, animals bathed and fed, and workers to help out. Anything you can do or give to the animal shelter will be greatly appreciated. Many places like the SPCA take donations in the form of animal food (soft and dry), bedding (sheets, beds, pillows, newspaper), and bath and flea products. If you are able to adopt a pet from a local animal shelter, try to do so. Many animals are in need of a good home and if you are able to help out and take one in, you’ll find great reward in caring for a needy animal. However, any donation or help you can give to a local animal hospital will be appreciated.

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