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How to Work from Home Effectively

Updated on August 4, 2014

Is it possible for you to work from home and remain productive? I'm asking you this question because I know it can be very challenging to work from the comfort of your home especially if you’re a mother or a father of a young kid(s).

I know the challenges of working from home, I have experienced them.

I work from home. I teach people how to start their own blogs, how to make money blogging, internet marketing, search engine optimization and I also write articles for other websites. There are many jobs online, but I can’t do all of them. I only select a few I’m able to do each month.

I have to manage my time properly so that I meet the expectations of my clients. The big challenge is working from home without losing focus.

Although it can be challenging to work from home, nowadays some companies are offering opportunities for people to work online from their homes. They advertise work from home jobs that are available.

There are also employees who are telecommuting while there are those who quit their full time jobs to start their home-based businesses. The internet has made it easy for people to work from the comfort of their homes. As more and more online businesses are started, the online jobs also increase.

As an example, the social network sites like Facebook and Twitter have created employment opportunities either directly or indirectly. Companies do hire people to create Facebook fan pages and also Twitter accounts in additional to posting content on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. There are also people who work from home selling Facebook likes and Twitter followers.


3 Ways to Work from Home

1.) Telecommuting: There are some companies especially online companies that are allowing their employees to work from home. Employees are only required to show up at their workplace only when it is necessary.

Yahoo is one of the companies which allowed its staff to telecommunicate but later on Marissa Mayer banned Yahoo employees from telecommunicating when she got hired by Yahoo as the new CEO.

According to Google's CFO Patrick Pichette, only a few Google employees telecommute.

2.) Part Time: Many employees are opting to work from home part time. According to Wikipedia, "As of 2012, estimates suggest that over fifty million U.S. workers (about 40% of the working population) could work from home at least part of the time."

3.) Full Time: There people who work from home full time. Most people who work full time from home are those who are running their businesses online. The majority of moms work from their homes full time.


Six Good Reasons Why People Work from Home

Some of the reasons why people choose to work from home are as follows:

1.) To Make Money: One of the major reasons why people work from home is to make money. Due to economic recession that has hit many people badly, some people even those who are employed look for ways that they can work from home to make money. For example, some people work part time online.

2.) Profitable Business Idea: The identification of a profitable online business opportunity has led some people to work from home. Some of the blue chip companies we have now were started from homes in the garage. The owners of these companies first identified a profitable business idea and started to work from their homes to transform the idea into business.


3.) Being Unemployment: As a result of being unemployed due to jobs being scarce, some of the students who have just graduated start running their home based businesses. They work from home full time running their online businesses.

Some of the employees who have lost their jobs due to various reasons and they have failed to secure another job create employment for themselves.


4.) Tired of Commuting and Desire of Being Your Own Boss: There are employees who quit their full time jobs to work from home running their own businesses since they get tired commuting each day to their workplace.

They can't bear any more with the traffic jam (rush-hour traffic) when they commute daily to their workplace and to their homes from their workplace. The desire of one being his or her own boss is making some employees to start a home-based business.

5.) Stay-at-Home Moms: Most women choose to stay at home because the companies they were working for didn't offer them the options they wanted.

Some of the women couldn’t afford the cost of taking their kids to a baby day care center.

And there are those women who couldn't find a job that pays them well. So, they choose to work from home running their businesses.

6.) The Desire to Spend Time with Family: For spouses, it becomes very challenging for them to work in a different state, town or country from the one where their families stay. As such, some quit their jobs to work from home so that they spend time with their families.

10 Tips for Working Effectively At Home

Below are my ten tips that have made it possible for me to work from home effectively all these years. Hope you'll find them useful:

1.) You Need an Office: Working from home doesn't mean that you can be doing the work from your kitchen or bedroom. You should dedicate one of the rooms to be your office. It should spacious and environment friendly to work from.

If documents are well organized, then there will be no time and effort wasted in searching for a particular document whenever a need arises. You'll be not calm when your desk is cluttered with files and papers. Always make your working space to be a place that invites you to work effectively.


2.) Don't Undercharge Your Clients: Just because you work from home doesn't mean that you should undercharge your clients.

Money is one of the motivations that make people to work.

When you undercharge your clients, you might not end up having enough money to foot your bills and this will make you not to work effectively.

Charge your clients a reasonable price that is competitive compared to the price your competitors are charging (the prevailing market price.)

3.) Management of Time: "Time is money" and no one disagrees with this fact.

Time is the most valuable thing.

When it is not properly managed, it leads one not to work effectively. Therefore, for you to work from home effectively so that you increase your productivity, then you have to manage your time properly.

Projects always have deadlines. What clients require from you is a quality work within the specified time. To submit a complete quality project to your clients by beating the deadline, you have to time yourself.

Execute one task at a time. And, once you complete a particular task then you can move to the next one.

Eliminate the things that distract you while you work from home by having a daily to-do list. The daily to-do list ensures that every task is done at the right time. At the end of the day, you'll find that you have done a lot unlike working without having a daily to-do list.

4.) Outsource Work: Don't have a mind of doing everything yourself. Of course, there are things that you can't do well as the other person does them. Outsource competent people to do some work for you.

If for example you're building a website for your client and you have to post some videos that you should create according to your client's description, you can outsource someone to create the videos for you while you concentrate doing other tasks.

5.) Being organized: You have to be well organized for you to work from home effectively. If you're working using a computer, ensure that you organize the folders well so that you can easily find the document containing the information you want without wasting time by clicking from one folder to another.

You'll be not calm when your desk is cluttered with files and papers. Always make your working space to be a place that invites you to work effectively.


6.) Work Life Balance: Balance the time you'll be working and the time you'll not be working so that you spend time doing the things you like doing for example, spending time with your family or playing games.

The human body is not a machine, it required sufficient rest.

Take a break in between your work to rest. Rest refreshes the brain which in turn increases one's productivity.

Don't be stuck in your house working throughout the year. Go for a vacation to relax! When you resume your work, you'll feel much better and this will make you to work from home effectively.

7.) Music: My friend once told me that she cannot work without her playing soft music. I proved this to be true.

Music avoids boredom and makes one to be cheerful especially if the work that is being done is monotonous.

When you work from home, I recommend that you play soft music.

What are your thoughts about working from home?

We gain knowledge by sharing ideas. Share your thoughts on how to work from home in a productive way in the comments section below.

8.) Have a Plan: Think in advance before commencing any work. Don't tackle the projects in a haphazard manner. Write down all the tasks of the project to be done.

Know the materials, tools and other things required to accomplish each work. If you have planned well, the whole project is easily accomplished.

9.) Your Health First: "A healthy nation is a productive nation." It's only when you're in good health that you'll be able to work.

Ensure that you eat a balanced diet in additional to exercising your body while you work from home.

Work in a favorable environment that inspires you.

This helps you to avoid or otherwise lessen the time spent in treating diseases.

10.) Working with Your Children without Distractions: Come with a way that makes it possible for you to work from home without being distracted by your kid or children.

For example, you can make your children who are older to understand that you're working so that they don't distract you. The older child may take care of his youngest sister or brother. You can also take your child to a baby care center.


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    • CrisSp profile image

      CrisSp 3 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      I wish writing online can pay my mortgage, so then I'd be working at home or maybe I'm just not as focus as other writers out there who can actually make a living on-line. Well then, thank you for this useful hub with good, practical tips. I'll give it a try, why not? And, maybe one day...