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How to Optimize Your Posts For SEO - Better Search Engine Optimization Technique

Updated on March 7, 2014

General Introduction About SEO

SEO means “search Engine Optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” or “natural” results on search engines. All major search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing have such results, where websites and other content such as video clips or local results are shown and rated based on what the online look for motor views most appropriate to customers.

When you optimize your content for search engine, it automatically index your page on SERP when someone search for specific keywords related to your article. If your site has ranked for any keywords in Search engine result page, you should check the article and get reference from it and optimize other articles from that article. See, I am giving example for better understanding. Search in Google for "piratebay porn block" without quote. You will get result for my blog on first rank on SERP(search engine result page). This is for google, likewise you can try and research about all major search engines like Yahoo, bing and for whatever search engine you want to make optimize your blog for.

Ranked for keyword on Google Search Result Page
Ranked for keyword on Google Search Result Page | Source

Step By Step Guide TO Optimize Article For Search Engine

No company can rank for everything (believe me, we’ve tried). Therefore, the best SEO strategy is to focus on a few key phrases or topics that are critical to your company.Lets start from the first point to the last on article.

Optimize Blog Post Headlines and URLs for Search Engines

So whenever you get starting to write your article or post, you are probably writing post titles. I am taking reference from that first ranked post, so it would be easier to explain here.
In that post, I have talked about ads blocker, porn ads blocker tool specially from piratebay titles can be varied according to your choice.

1.How To Block Dirty Ads Of Girls In Torrent Sites

2. Blocking porn ads from Piratebay sites

3.Block Porn Torrent Ads from Browser

likewise, say if you write second title, it will be limited to piratebay sites only. If you choose third title, it will be limited to specific browser only. If you choose first article, it will be applicable for all browsers, all torrents sites.

So choosing title is the first thing, choose broad titles that can cover entire topics and almost everything that you want to explain.So whenever user search for something, they might look from titles that can explain everything. If your title says everything, users would like to have look into your post.

That was all about optimizing titles, but URLs should also be optimized.You can remove unwanted keywords like is, am are, to, from, in like keywords from your URL. Keep only keywords and important phrase in your URL so your post URL would look a like clean URL.

Optimize Post Body for Search Engines

Now things come for body section.Body section contains text, links, images.Lets take all of them one by one.

Text content contains descriptive idea about your article.Whatever you want to write and say to your readers, that should be descriptive and in details.Write easy sentence and short sentence so that it can be read easily. Don't write too much complected sentence.

Optimizing texts descriptions for SEO :You can highlight particular keywords you think that can be searched by anyone from your post.You can highlight text by making bold, italic, underlines. Also add some lines in H2, H3 tag. so that can be easily taken up by Search engines.If you are using WordPress, you should use SEOPressor Wordpress Plugin, that's far batter to suggest your SEO Changes on your posts.

Links in the body is also considered, so if you are linking to useful resource, you can give it dofollow link, otherwise you can make it nofollow so that search engine would don't give credit to that link. Never sell any links from your article, that will ultimately make your blog ranking down, if it detected by Search engines as paid links.Check more information about paid links from

Optimizing Images for Search Engine

Images- If you are adding images to your article, that would be easier for your visitor to understand what you want to say. Image would explain everything if you choose right image based on your article. If you are good at photoshop and image editing, you can create good image with all explaining ideas.

Optimizing images : You can add alt tag to image to make them SEO optimized. If you are using WordPress, you can use SEO Friendly Images WordPress plugin to add alt tag automaticaly.If you are using blogspot, you can use image SEO techniques for blogspot.

 SEO Friendly Images automatically adds alt and title attributes to all your images improving traffic from search engines.
SEO Friendly Images automatically adds alt and title attributes to all your images improving traffic from search engines. | Source

Now things come for Keywords, meta description and Site Titles. If you are using WordPress, I would recommend you to use SEO by yoast.It's good WordPress plugin that will automatically analyses your page for SEO and recommend you necessary changes to optimize it for Search engine.


This is simple title, description and keyword for one of my post from another blog. Which is got first rank for the keyword Android phone a27 viva. This is the post link to that article(Android Phone a27 viva) that got first rank on Google for the said keyword.

I am using HitTail & Long Tail Pro to search for the best high ranking keywords for my blog. If suggest me the best long tail keword by which I can easily rank for. I create post based on those suggestions and that's the reason behind my secret to traffic and rankings on SERP.

This is single post preview from My WordPress blog's post page. It will show you search snippet, you can alternatively test it from Structured Data Testing Tool.

It will allow you to add titles, focusing keyword, meta description and keywords for your post. So you can optimize your blogs for Search engine.

No one is perfect, but we learning everything and share it with world. So try and try implementing new things and get your articles on SERP, All the best!!


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