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How to Write a Counter Offer Letter

Updated on March 3, 2012

When you have, gone through the job interview process the recruiter they will present you with a job offer letter, so now it is time to write your counter offer letter. Getting the initial offer letter gives you some time to evaluate the compensation that you are going to receive for your work. If, you are not happy with the initial compensation of the offer then a counter offer is where you should start.

When you first receive your offer letter for the employment always take it home to read never make a decision right there. This will give you a little bit more time to rationalize the company, employer and compensation you are going to receive. This gives you the opportunity be detailed and through in your counter offer letter that you are going to hand in with the original offer letter.

When you are, writing your job counter offer you should focus on the things that you feel are going to benefit you most. But, that are also going to allow you to be happy with the settlement. If, it is a salary offer that you would like most focus on getting the most salary that you want. If, it is something like medical or other "fringe" benefits then concentrate on that portion in your counter offer letter.

The counter offer letter that you are writing should contain your salary negotiations. This is the part where people tend to dread writing, but it is a reflection of the value you can offer your employer. The best place to start is with a salary counter search. Search for other jobs in your area and see what the going rate is. This will give you a great idea what the general rate of your area is, so when you type in the salary counter offer in your counter offer letter you will know that it is fair compensation.

The last thing you want to include in your counter offer letter is why you believe that you deserve exactly what you are asking. Always maintain a professional tone in your letter and do not use language that is not associated with that. You want to explain, why you believe that you deserve these other benefits in this position at the company. Explain that your education that you have accomplished has prepared you for this position. Explain that the previous jobs you have held has provided you experience in the area for this position. Explain why you are able to bring more value to this company than anyone else they are considering. With, all this in your counter offer letter you are providing them a basis of why they should consider the compensation you are proposing.

So, when negotiating you final offer take these tips into consideration. Remember that the more detail that you can provide the better. Make it clear and concise that you are the only person they should consider for this opportunity and your counter offer letter will be accepted by your future employer.


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