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How to Write a Resume for Dynamics NAV Jobs

Updated on April 10, 2017

Writting a Resume for Dynamics NAV Jobs

Companies are sending out their corporate headhunters in search of the best qualified Dynamics NAV professionals to help fill the many open Dynamics NAV jobs. But regardless of the need for Dynamics NAV technicians in the corporate world, a recruiter won’t come knocking on your door if they don’t know what you have to offer. The resume is the first and perhaps the most important step in securing the perfect dynamics NAV job.

Writing a resume for a Dynamics NAV job position is not much different than writing a resume for any other job, especially one in the IT industry. The basics of resume writing apply. Do not make spelling errors, make the resume pleasing to the eye, highlight your strengths, don’t lie, don’t be afraid to emphasize your accomplishments and be able to back up everything you have written during the interview. Those are the basics, but there are a few things that can enhance a resume and give you a better shot at standing out from the crowd.

Focusing on Writing a Proper Resume for Dynamics NAV Jobs

The number one goal for any resume is to emphasize one’s skills and accomplishments while minimizing any weaknesses or other factors that keep them from being a perfect fit for a job. That is the most important reason for custom tailoring each resume you send out to a possible employer. For example, perhaps you are applying for two Dynamics NAV jobs. One company is located in the United States and does the majority of their business with Chinese companies. The other is located Germany and does business mainly in Europe. If by chance, you happened to study Chinese language in college and can speak Chinese to some extent, you would certainly want to build that up to company number one, since it could be a factor that sets you apart from your peers. However, you’d probably be better off using the resume space to highlight another area when applying to job two.

Concentrating on Dynamics NAV Jobs Training and Experience

Never lose sight of the job you are applying for in the first place. You are applying for a Dynamics NAV job and regardless of how many honors you received in high school and college, your skills, training and experience with the Dynamics NAV platform and related systems should be your primary focus. Many people find that their other achievements far outweigh what they have done in the IT field in general and in regards to Dynamics NAV specifically. They try to make up for these perceived shortcomings by adding too much fluff. There’s nothing wrong with documenting your achievements, but if you add too much, it often makes the shortcomings more obvious than they would have been had you simply kept the resume shorter.

Dynamics NAV Experience

Dynamics NAV jobs are often found in businesses whose primary function and area of concern is something other than information technology or computers.  Regardless of their primary field of interest, the company is still a business.  Though the fundamental Dynamics NAV skills you have are of primary importance, it never hurts to list your business experience.  Whether it is an undergraduate degree in business, an MBA or experience running your own small business, this is something that will often catch the eye of corporate human resources recruiters.  It never hurts to be able to speak the company language, and that language is often pure business.

Put the Right Info on your Resume

Always remember that a person’s resume is simply a tool to get them noticed and secure them an interview. That’s generally where the resume ends and the real person begins. Many people spend all their time embellishing all their accomplishments on a resume but can’t live up to what they have written when they are face to face with an interviewer. As an IT professional applying for a dynamics NAV job, you will be expected to put your money where your resume is. If you list something on a resume, you better be able to back it up in person.

Including Reference People on your Resume

References are almost always listed on resumes, especially if their purpose is to verify a specific claim you have made. Often potential employers will disregard personal recommendations since they assume that you will only list people from whom you will receive a stunning endorsement. But they often call former bosses, project managers or anyone else they believe will be objective and can back up your claims. If you list a person on a resume,it’s always a good idea to at least confirm that the person’s contact information is up to date and better to give them a call and let them know you have used them as a reference. Often people will be very straight forward with you if they don’t plan to sing your praises and you can avoid that situation by simply asking them.

Your best references will come from those who have direct knowledge of you Dynamics NAV job experience. Make sure you list these references first. If you have several of this type, then you don’t need to list others. Too many references will make your resume unbalanced. Once you have an interview, you can provide more references if the employer requests them.

Dynamics NAV jobs are plentiful right now, but they won’t find you. As desperate as some employers might be to find the right person, your resume is still extremely important and will be the first thing that employer sees. You can be the world’s foremost expert on all things Dynamics NAV related, but if you can’t portray that on a couple of sheets of paper, it won’t help you get in the door.

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