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How to ace the interview. Get the job offer.

Updated on November 3, 2014

How to Land The Job

So now you have the interview. Now all you have to do is seal the deal.

Remember being chosen to interview means you have skills that the employer believes matches those of the position offered so give yourself a hand.

Now fix your mind. Put your doubts, desperation, insecurity, fears, bills, and anxiety away and decide in your mind that you will make these people love you and buy into you. You will WIN! YOU WILL GET THE JOB! Master first in your mind that you will get a job offer. You will make this happen. Go in without stress, be easy and confident that this is the interview that will change your situation.

Now let's get to the business of landing the job and getting the offer.

3-5 Days Prior To The Interview:

  1. Do your research. You should be able to convey 3 facts about the company. Facts to work into the job interview include new management, new company ventures, customer satisfaction rating, and company progress through-out the years. In addition to these facts you should always know who founded the company and the year the company started. Casually review information about the company. It should roll off your tongue, saying things to your interviewer such as: “It's an honor to be interviewed by the number one company in customer service.”

  2. Get a goods nights rest. 8 hours, no excuses.

  3. No alcohol of any kind the night before. Again, no wine/beer/shots/or night-time activities prior to your interview.

  4. Iron your clothes the night before so you don't find yourself scrambling the morning of the interview.

  5. If possible drive to the interview site before your interview date/time. Familiarize yourself so you eliminate the possibly of getting lost or being late on the interview day. Always allow an additional 30 minutes to arrive to your destination on top of estimated travel time.

  6. Arrive 15 minutes early to your interview.


  7. Answer questions conveying how you can help the company reach their goals.

  8. Never let them see you sweat. If the interview is becoming intense take a minute and remember your only job is to “seal the deal.”

  9. Show genuine interest, asking questions about the products or services offered by the business.

  10. Be warm and cordial with others while mimicking the corporate environment. Some places are lively while other environments are more conservative. Remember to blend in with the environment.

  11. If asked if you have any questions about the position always ask “What is a day in the life typically for this position?”

  12. Always ask for the business card of each person that interviewed you. (This will come in handy when you email a person thank you to each party based on the notes you write on the back of each person when complete the interview.)

  13. Know your worth and if providing a salary range first start out reviewing with the interviewer why you are a good fit for the position and what skills you offer. Keep in mind it is human nature to offer you the lowest of the range, so keep that in mind when providing a salary range. Think carefully before blurting out a salary desire. Salaries are a negotiation dance so don't just throw out a dollar sign without considering what you want. NEVER bring up salary unless the employee asks you what salary range.

  14. Thank the interviewer for the opportunity to interview even if you are not interested in the position. Who knows, in the future they may recall your professionalism and skills, choosing to contact you for future opportunities.

    *****Ask what the next steps in the process are and express that you are interested in taking the next step. Take initiative and let the employer know you are serious about the opportunity.

When you go home, consider the company. If you see yourself as a valuable member of the team and the environment makes you feel comfortable then make create a calendar note to followup with the recruiter. At this point you would have already sent personalized emails that mention something personal to each person to let that person know you really connected with them.

Follow-up after 1 week if you have no heard anything. Call the interviewer and express your interest in the position and convey you are willing to provide any additional information they may need and welcome a second interview.


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    • askformore lm profile image

      askformore lm 

      4 years ago

      Thumbs up! Your hub will help a lot who are trying to get the right job.


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