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How to Act Like a Customer Service Professional

Updated on August 4, 2015
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I have a B.A. in English with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. I've been a Goth since age fourteen, and a Pagan since age fifteen.

Are you having a difficult day? Do you feel there is simply no way to please the public? Boy, do I have a solution for you! This step by step guide will teach you how to kiss ass and forget your own needs as a person because, let's face it, you aren't a person! You're a customer service representative, and you chose this path!

Let's get started!

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The most important part of greeting a self-absorbed customer who thinks the world revolves around them is to smile at them like they are the most fascinating humans to grace the planet or your place of work because, well, they are! If you don't smile, they will probably become frustrated over why you aren't so thrilled to be in their almighty presence! This will also convince them you love your job because you have the honor of sucking up to people with no common courtesy such as themselves!

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Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth | Source

"Sir" and "Ma'am!"

When customers scream at us, it is our job to acknowledge our lack of need for respect. We give them all the respect they deserve for taking the time to tell us how they really feel; especially, about us in particular. One way to assure they know how special they are is to finish our sentences with "sir" and "ma'am." This tells the customer how important they are. We don't call just anyone "sir" or "ma'am" unless that customer has so much life experience that they no longer have to consider others or even the customer service representative they are currently screaming at because they make millions of dollars a day. Terms such as "sir" and "ma'am" are the acceptable versions of "your highness" for today's rulers and we know the more money they make the more countries they own.

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Image courtesy of stockimages at | Source

It's Your Fault; so, Apologize!

Remember, no matter how the issue happened, you are to blame. You may mistakenly think another co-worker, a boss or maybe even the company where the merchandise came from may be the cause for this complaining customer, but you aren't educated enough for it to be someone else's mistake. You're just a silly servant to this royal customer. So, take full responsibility for your lack of a worthy existence and apologize for the pain you, personally, caused this incredible person.

Keys To Success:

  • Smile
  • Use "sir" and "ma'am"
  • Apologize

So, what have we learned?

As customer service representatives, we do not deserve respect or to be seen as fellow people. We are to see ourselves as a waste of a life that can only be improved by helping those with more money. We may think we have degrees, goals, families and friends, but in reality our lives are about making the unhappy wealthy people into happy satisfied customers. I hope this article helps anyone in need of better customer service skills to turn sucking up to customers into a life-long career!

In all honestly, working as customer service is a very difficult job. For some reason, the public tends to view us as punching bags for their own problems. Consumers forget other humans are the ones serving them. In my experience, the more I perform the better the result. A particularly self-centered customer will usually not pick up on sarcasm or acting. So, when they are going on about how important they think they are I choose to agree with them because, as a co-worker once told me, we're sort of a form of entertainment as well. It's exhausting, but having a strategy in mind to deal with whatever craziness comes your way makes the day a little easier to get through.

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  • Rehan Ahmad profile image

    Rehan Ahmad 3 years ago from United States

    I have been working on technical side of cellular network. Its beyond our imagination that how our services matters for the user. For example : Corporate customer using cellular service for conferencing and few call drops may irritate them, some office running on our broadband suffer revenue loss due to service outage, Individual have emergency to contact some number and its able to connect due to our network fault etc.

    We cannot be a good provider unless we show our concern to the customers whom we serve. Logical complains must be handles with sincerely and tough customers should be handled wisely. Apart from business its makes us better human being.

    We must keep customer our first priority but they are not the kings.

  • social thoughts profile image

    social thoughts 3 years ago from New Jersey

    Sadly, most businesses require a positive attitude regardless of how the customer is; otherwise, they won't make money. So, it's an awful situation. I wish more companies could do what you did!

  • billybuc profile image

    Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

    I have worked a lot of retail, but always for my own stores. That makes a huge difference. I had one ironclad rule in my stores: respect was expected and it was a two-way street. Customers would receive respect and I expected it in return, or our relationship would end. I follow the same rule in my walks of life today.