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How to advertise on Google trader Nigeria using sms

Updated on December 26, 2012

Free online advertising from Google is already available in Nigeria and gaining ground through the platform called Google trader and there are a lot of sellers already using the medium to connect with buyers.

Google Trader Nigeria apart from being available on the web is also available on the sms or mobile platform. The two of them are different options offered by Google Trader which means that you can advertise on Google trader via sms and/or the web and buyers can always see your offers on sms and/or the web. This also means that posts you make using sms would be visible to potential buyers who search using the sms platform as well as on the web and posts you make on the web would only be visible both to web users and also sms users. The two are the dual options for Google trader in Nigeria and a lot of Nigerians are using it already.

Things needed to advertise using sms

  1. Register mobile phone with Google trader by sending Register to 6007 in sms
  2. Post adverts using the format Sell Product Price State contact

How to post adverts

Posting adverts is quite easy on Google trade Nigeria sms platform. Just send the word Sell Product Price State contact to 6007 and your ad would be visible to other Google Trader sms visitors.

To view posted adverts

You can view a list of the ads you've already posted and manage them by sending the word List to 6007 in an sms. You will be a reply by sms listing the ads you've posted with you registered mobile number. Every advert carries a serial number. Note that it would not be available on the website as well as the sms platform when users search for related ads.

To delete posted adverts

Just send the text message Dnumber to 6007 where number is the serial or reference number related to the advert you want to delete after you've viewed them on the list. So just send D1 if you want to delete the first advert.

To unsubscribe from the service

To stop using the Google trader sms service, you can simply do so by sending UNREGISTER to 6007 in an sms


Simply save 6007 in your contacts as Google Trader Nigeria


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