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How to avoid being scammed by an online seller.

Updated on July 24, 2016
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Zachary7 is a work at home mom, an online English teacher and an Entrepreneur. She believes that learning should be limitless!

Your actions should be.

1. Check the seller/person's online shop and any social media account. The photos posted, friends list and even shoutouts. These things will give you hints if the online shop/seller is legitimate.
a. PHOTOS--two or three photos taken of different items being sold should have atleast one similar background.-ex: tiles,floor -you cant change your house tiles/flooring often.:)
b. FRIENDS LIST--few would be fine however for legitimate online shops/sellers, it's always
"the more, the merrier"-that's how they market their items.
c. SHOUTOUTS/ POSTS--I've noticed that scammers usually post Godly qoutes or Inspirational qoutes on their timelines. Not all though, some legits post God -inspired qoutes too. Other scammers posts their made up stories that they were a victim of scams themselves-to gain pity from buyers.-Beware.

2. Evaluate the item and its condition.
--Check the item you're buying. Brandnew or Used, In excellent condition or with flaws, Authentic or Replica-that would be your choice, just learn the difference.

3. Compare prices. Brand new price vs. The seller's price.
--Do a little research about the item you want to buy online. Know the brandnew price then compare it with the online seller's price. If the seller's price is way too low-That's not a Jackpot dude, it may be a scam! -STAY AWAY from it. Note: no one in his/her right mind would sell a brandnew ipad air that he/she received as a gift or won at a company's raffle for $50 (2000php). It will always be below the mall price but never at a " too good to be true" price.
--Though some sellers really offer low prices, the low price can be easily be justified by legit sellers.
--Other scammers tend to provide HUGE DISCOUNTS , FREEBIES and FREE SHIPPING too.-Dont become so excited right away-Keep in mind that a Scammer will offer the impossible to gain your trust so that you will give them your hardly earned money. Again, legit sellers will provide a small discount but not free shipping. Or free shipping but no discount. Online sellers gain small margins so giving out discounts are limited.

4. Pay attention with the online seller's Mode of Payment.
--Legit sellers uses at least 2 or more mode of payments-usually banks and money remittances that requires ID when claiming the payment like LBC, Cebuana, Western etc.
--Scammers uses only one mode of payment- SMARTMONEY PADALA-the reason is , you dont need to show an ID when claiming the money through smartpadala, you can easily claim the money at any store with smart money padala service anywhere too.So, with no Proof of Identity provided, it will be difficult to locate and catch the scammer. Note: other scammers use fake ID's and fake names and addresses too. So sad:(

5. Have the online shop/seller checked for Legitimacy through the social media or groups that he/she is a member.
--Ask permission from the online seller first, then ask anyone from the social media group that the oline shop/seller belong as to whoever transacted with the online shop/seller to confirm that the seller/shop is not bogus. This is so far the best step because almost all scam victims and concerned netizens are on the look out to stop these scammers from having additional victims.

6. Listen to your INSTINCT!
--If for some unexplained reasons, you're doubting the online shop/seller.-maybe the way he/she answer your queries or the pictures provided are soo perfect. Or if you have even the slightest doubt about the item.. TRUST YOUR GUT INSTINCT and don't move forward with the transaction. -this should be the easiest way to avoid online scams because it gives us upfront warnings, but since it's unnoticeable warning, we fail to pay attention to it. LOL

If you have additional tips, share it too in the comment section below. Happy Reading!


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