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How to avoid the VAT rise from the torys and liberals

Updated on August 5, 2011

george Osbourne vat rise

george Osbourne vat rise
george Osbourne vat rise

Vat rise from 17.5% to 20%

Recently the Uk government which is made up of a coalition between the liberal democrats and the concervatives have announced a rise in VAT to help the country out of the terrible debt spiral we are in.

While is is understandable that people will first get upset, if you actually look at the numbers of what sort of difference this makes then it is really pathetic to complain about this rise.

We have record levels of borrowing so people are paying much less on their mortgages, and debt is cheaper too.

If your take home paypacket at the end of the month is £1000 that means that if your total wages where to be spent on consumption then that would be a total increase of £25 for your months wages. Thats 0.83p a day.

Here are some ways to be more effective with your money so this has no impact.

  • Make your own lunch, stop spending over £2+ a day for lunch. If you make your own lunch you will be able to have more healthy food, and save well over £1 a day.
  • Stop wasting your money at pubs every weekend.
  • Stop buying takeaways.
  • Stop buying the latest gadget just because you "like it"
  • Sell things that are sitting around your home that you have no reason to still have, if you've completed a video game, or seen a film loads of times, sell it, and move on.
    I've seen most peoples houses, and if they where are motivated to get rid of things they don't use, as they are too watch TV, then you will easily make an extra £300.
    If you make that extra £300 then that covers the complete VAT rise for a year!
  • Stop smoking everyday. Why are the people who smoke always fat? If you want to smoke, fair enough, but don't be more disciplined to smoke than you are to keep your body fit. Why not just smoke at the weekend, or give up completely.
  • Downgrade your Sky / Cable tv package, and actually do something that you enjoy instead.

These are just a few simple ideas, i'm sure you will be able to find more as long as you actually look for them. To sit and complain, and do nothing about it is for losers.

Stick it to George Osbourne, and say "you ain't even touching me BEIIITTCHHHH!!!!!"


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