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How to be Become an Engineer

Updated on May 7, 2011


Being an engineer in the coming years can be a very fulfilling and rewarding career. Privileges are promising and job promotions are inevitable. The salary is above average and will easily provides you almost all of the things you necessitate, in other words, your needs and wants will not be a problem at all.

The tag engineer besides your name is honorable and gives you a lofty standing in the society. You will easily gain the respect of people around you since being one is not a joke. Being called an engineer is also a pleasant word to hear at and priceless too.


But the road to becoming an engineer is rough and tough, and if you want to become one, you need to to be an engineering student first and ready to make a lot of sacrifices and hardwork so as to speak.

You need to be good in your major subjects wherein your mathematical skills should be sound and order to pull through. Most major subjects are associated with mathematical solving.  Keep in mind that the college days is not an easy picking but rather a very difficult one to handle. Being a student requires a lot of burning midnight oil in overcoming unending assignments, reviews for quizzes and exams, projects, recitations, reports and many more. Patience, resilience, persistence and perseverance is the key to surviving the rigors of college days.

Once you graduated from college you are not done yet with your ordeal as you are pitted against the tough board licensure examination, which will inevitably test your mettle as a budding professional. The acid test will definitely separate the men from the boys and your stored knowledge you accumulated from years of studying in college will become very useful. 

Also remember that things will be back from square one as soon as you review and take the exam. Good grades and achievements in college does not guarantee that you will figure well in the examination and eventually pass it. Stored knowledge and being intelligent can give you edge but will not assure you of passing scores. Many honor students in college of engineering already flunked the examination. The culprit can be over rationalization, too much pressure, over confidence and/or lack of preparation.

Preparation is the key in toppling the examination, and you need not be very bright. Review each day with sheer guts and motivation. Use techniques as much as possible to be efficient with your review. Review as many topics as you can, this is a battle of how much knowledge you remember and put into practice throughout the years of studying in college.

During the examination be sure that you are calm and as cool as a cucumber. Take your time in solving and answering each question with sheer guts and wit. Your future is at stake here and it is important to give your best. Worry about the results later, since in failure you will learn a lot of bitter lessons that will make you even stronger and if you ever pass, be very thankful and be very glad to yourself, your parents instructors and your Creator, for you will finally reap the fruits of your labor. It’s a win win situation no matter what is the outcome of your examination. Worrying will just  add to pressures and this is not favorable to you.

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