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How to be Successful in Life

Updated on February 1, 2011

So, you want to be successful in life? Yes, right? Of course you do, everybody wants to be successful in life.

Now I can assure you that throughout time, you will find your own way to make it through, to make your dreams come true, to achieve your goals. Now first I just want to remember you of some simple things, things that maybe we tend to forget, but I will remember them to you before I tell you how to be successful: Success does not always have to include money, success will not develop from nowhere, success will not be GIVEN to you, success does not involve hard work... NOT! it does involve hard work.

Now that I have told you this we can proceed. I have just been through a phase of my life in which I found the way of getting to college. I don't have the monetary resources, so I needed a scholarship. O! and I live in a third world country. So this did not come in an easy way. I could have just stayed here in my country, have a mediocre education, have a mediocre job and have a decent life. Now, I decided not to do that, and maybe aim for something better. And I did, and it resulted in me, going to one of the greatest universities of the world in the career I love and with financial aid.

Now I am not going to give you the recipe for a successful life (ah! surprise! what is going on?), you will find that on your own (what? how? no! aaa!) don't worry you will get it, and you will say: Oh that crazy blogger was right!

Now, what I can tell you are some tips, some things that you should not do and by not doing this it will lead you to a very successful life. By following this you will find your own recipe for a successful life.

Alright here it goes:

  • Don't listen to EVERY damn thing you are told: if some one tells you "nah you can keep dreaming, you are never gonna get it" "Dude, she is so out of your league", flip the off and tell them to fuck off, these guys are either making it easier for themselves by elimination the competition, or jealous that you are making it to what they couldn't. You can do it, go for it.
  • Don't be impatient: All right, maybe because you couldn't get it the first or the second or the third or the fourth time, it doesn't mean you are not gonna get it next time. Use this advice, every time you are about to let it go, just think that maybe the next time you are for sure going to get it, and that all that fighting is not gonna end up on this, you are so close. It works.
  • Never, ever give up: This applies in may ways and forms. For instance if you are looking for a scholarship and you are writing e-mails to some company that might help you, just because they did not reply the first e-mail you will stop it right there, send them an e-mail every 2 days, and after a 2 weeks send them e-mails everyday, and believe me THEY will give up. Also, for instance, if you just CANNOT make a basket, keep pushing, eventually you will not be able to MISS a basket.
  • Never, refuse trying: This one is easy, if you believe you cant, prove it to yourself you cant! and TRY.
  • Don't go for the easy way: Believe me, there is NO SIMPLE. The "simple" will eventually catch up with you and fuck you in the ass 10 times as hard than the "complicated". If you need to write 10000 words for an essay, write them don't copy and paste them, thats mediocre, and mediocre is asshole.
  • Don't do it for the money: Just do what you love, do it the rest, with hard work, will come. I know it sounds dumb bit it is true, just do what you love because maybe you will be success full doing something you don't like, but you will be miserable... o wait, that is not success.

Thank you very much for reading, I hope this helps you in great ways, love to you all.



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    • danieliuhasz profile image

      danieliuhasz 6 years ago from Romania

      My oppinion is that never giving up is the most important aspect in life. Yes, you can end up down and in the dirt, but with perseverence you can rise up and make everything ok in the end.

      Gread hub!