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How to be Successfull in Life?: Laws and Rules of Success

Updated on June 19, 2013

This is real life. And you know that in real life there is no shortcut to success easily. To be successful in life most important thing is

  • hard work
  • dedication
  • effort
  • high goal thinking
  • no OVER confidence

And you have to follow this rules or laws to success in life.This things are must not only to make your job successful but also if you are trying to make on your own business. Now take a look top 5 step to make success in real life. that are not common to all but it's to be different of anyone.

Rules of Suceess
Rules of Suceess | Source

Five Rules or Laws for Successful Life

1. Find your potential

to be successful person in anything, you have to find your potential. because if you have potential to do one thing specially from others and you are not doing that, than it's worth to live. As example, You all know about Sachin tendulkar. He is great cricketer. if he didn't find his potential on that and if tried his hand on singing, than he couldn't be so successful now he is. You have to find your potential of you with yourself.

2. Don't look behind

Every one makes mistakes at many times, but don't look at that mistakes. ya, one thing is not to mind that mistakes but take a look on that and find what was the problem at that time. that's it. now don't look at behind. And try not to make that mistakes again. because if you are repeating that mistakes again and again that it is hard to success in life in any area.

3. Be honest with yourself

to success in your life, first of thing you have to be honest with at least yourself. as example, if you find one small failure in your life and you are thinking that "oh.. that was reason that I because of his I got this result. " no. forget it to claim other. and be honest yourself that this was the reason and because of that I got this failure and I will not make this again. That's it.

4. make Business plan

Business plan is necessary not only for to start business. it's also part of to make on work successfully. that can be how many people should you involve on one work. and to start business is necessary. If you are going to start your business with your partner than first of thin make business plan and share all with his. because as you make his/her partner than it's worth to hide anything with his/her.

5. Don't give up

If you have started any work than don't give up in any case, If you want to success. of course when you will not find success for more time than you will thinks that " leave it, I don't want to this" thus you make your mind that I don't want that. But at that time control your mind not to do that, because that was the time of your exam to be successive person. And to be successive you have to give too many exam. even if you will see on scientist than you will realize that they are like god. As example, Thomas Edision had to try complete his bulb after trying more than 10,000 times.

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