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How to be a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant)

Updated on June 19, 2013

what requirements are relevant to becming a CNA?

Requirements on how to become a CNA Before you can enroll for any CNA program you will need to have certain qualifications; either basic or related to the medical field. The basic qualifications that is required are usually level 2 (GSCE), level 3 (A level), high school diploma or GED. However, possessing a degree in nursing can be of added advantage both in terms of admission and lectures and when seeking for employment. You will also need to pass a drug test, do a background criminal check up, and complete your training.

how to become a CAN; who is a CNA?

Certified nursing assistants play a very important role in the healthcare system, working under the supervision of superior nursing professionals like licensed practical nurses (LPNs), registered nurses (RNs) and physicians. So what are the responsibilities of a CNA? Certified nurses help to monitor the daily activities of patients who require daily nursing care. They perform certain activities that includes toileting, blood sugar testing, grooming, bed baths, showers, feeding and more. If you're interested in the nursing profession and you want to know how to become a CNA, there are certain things you need to understand. These includes requirements, cost, duration, employment opportunities and remuneration. This type of information is important for you to make the right decision.

how long does it take to have a CNA certificate?

CNA course duration

To a large extent, the duration of your CNA training depends largely on the state you are and the healthcare facility you're planning to work in. Generally, CNA courses take between 4 weeks and three months to complete. People who don't have any healthcare background will have to take certain pre-requisite that can make the training period a bit longer.

CNA training course work

In your CNA training you will be lectured on patient care standards, how to make use of various medical equipment, responsibilities and duties, daily care procedures, body mechanics, nutrition, physiology and infection control. Your course work will also include medical terminologies, emergencies and, documentation and communication skills. In addition to that, many CNA courses will also cover the exact education required for you to effectively work in rehab centers, acute and sub acute centers and nursing homes. When learning how to become a CNA you will also be taught how to care for babies, children, dying people, adults and provide post mortem care. You have to prepare yourself for a lot reading, knowledge testing quizzes and assignment to help determine if you can perfectly apply theoretical knowledge in the real world.

how much does a CNA training cost?

Cost of CNA training

Again, the money you pay for your CNA training depends on certain factors that includes the state and place you're getting the training. Generally, the training cost for CNA is between $400 to $2,800. If you want to save money you should seriously consider the American red cross society. They have options for morning and night students that lasts between 4 - 8 weeks, at the cost of $980 - including HHA and CNA certification; this also applies to catholic charities. The American red cross can also allow you to pay for your training in installment if you explain your situation to them. It will be a wise thing for you to check your local community college offering training on how to become a CNA and see if you can qualify for federal grants or a loan. There are also speculations that some nursing homes and hospitals offer free can training; check the one in your locality and see if you can get lucky. Please know that the price of most training programs only cover tuition. You might need to pay extra for background check, textbooks, workbooks, tests and exams. CNA salary

salary and more

After learning about how to become a CNA, the next thing you would like to know is how much salary you can earn? Well, according to information by the bureau of statistics, the median pay for a CNA is around $24,000 a year. This means that you'll be earning around $11.50 an hour. Of course, CNAs working in hospitals earn much more that; only that it takes a little luck to land such jobs. After your CNA training you will be required to take a test through your state's department of health, in order to be qualified for license. This training usually cost around $75. After passing your test you will need to apply for CNA license, look for internship and practice your profession. As a CNA you can work in hospitals, medical clinics, day care centers, home health care agencies e.t.c.

short video on tips about how to become a CNA


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