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How to be a Good, Smart and Intelligent Boss

Updated on December 30, 2011

Who is an Ideal boss? (we are not discussing Hugo Boss !!!!)Well according to me, an Ideal boss is one who has the following attributes:-

  • Smart and Intelligent
  • Good Planner
  • possesses great leadership skills
  • Can be a great friend
  • Is a good mentor
  • Capable of delivering results to his boss/company/shareholders

Well, can such a boss exist? In reality, I think not. Every boss is a human being first and a boss later, therefore the above traits are ideal but far from reality.

In reality, being a boss is a contradictory job. If he is too friendly or open, then the employees take him for a ride. The employees are happy, the boss is happy however, most likely the company shall not do very well and as a result the boss'es bosses shall not be happy. If he gets too close to his employees, he finds it difficult to pull them up or some error and consequently the employees take him to be a softie and then do not treat him seriously.

If a boss is tyrant, the company is very happy. The boss kicks people around and gets them to do things and ensures that they overachieve, whether they like it or not. Well, these type of bosses are the darlings of the top management. Who cares about the normal employees!!!! So the very traits a boss needs to have can also go against him, therefore, a boss has to straddle a fine line between contradictory traits. So a good boss is one, who can actually draw a balance between lieniency and strictness. Diffciult , but essential.

Being a boss can be a lonely proposition. Therefore, being unduly harsh to your employees may get them to ignore you during various functions. However, thats a price one must pay. A boss should be capbale of taking harsh decisions,so as to correct the system. He may not be popular, however, he can influence a generation of employees to do the right thing

So in order to be a good boss, do the following:-

  1. Go to office on time.
  2. Understand the culutre of the place and then behave acordingly.
  3. Lend a symphathetic year to your colleagues and subordinates.Try to help them to resolve their personal problems.
  4. Pull up people,but politely. No one likes to be scolded in public. so follow the rule, Praise in Public reprimand in private.
  5. Be a friend to your team, but keep them focused on the overall goal.
  6. Try not to keep employees at work for extended periods of time. Let them go home on time. When unexpected work comes along they shall stay back happily to complete it.
  7. Be honest in all your dealings and be transparent. Your employees will trust you.
  8. Keep employees informed of changes in company policy and changes that may occur.
  9. Identify your top performers and nurture them. Ensure the weak performers are trained to deliver more. Firing is not always the answer.
  10. Stand up for your employees, so that they believe in you. Encourage team work.

Well, I can write another 20 points however, in my opinion, these points are practical and can be followed with some discipline and you shall see results in a short span of time. Remember, keeping a tight knit team can help you to enjoy work and give them a sense of belonging. They shall look forward to coming to work the next day rather than groaning at the thought. For some good books on the subject check out this link.


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