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How to be a Great Wedding Planner

Updated on October 10, 2015

Steps in Preparing Yourself to Become a Wedding Planner

To prepare yourself before launching into the Wedding Planning Business, you first have to make an intensive research on this business so you will have a basis for all your planning activities. But since we are both into this project and I have an edge over you on this, you did have a real short cut.

Now, let’s start setting up your Wedding Planning Business. The first thing you have to do is to assess your capability to be successful in this business. Assess what available resources you have at the start, where to start and how to begin with. In assessing your resources, you must be aware of the following:

Be a Wedding Planner

Planning and organizing a wedding is one promising and lucrative business. While more and more people are searching daily on various search engines for ideas on how to become a wedding planner. What I am after here today is to actually discuss with you, how you can be a great wedding planner by making your own wedding your first project. You may consider knowing that for a couple to have a decent wedding today, they would be spending so much, including post wedding preparations. So, why not try to do everything on your own? As a bride, you must learn to be conscious with the budget since you will be the one to handle it. How disastrous it would be when after the wedding, you would find both of you in the verge of bankruptcy. Where would that lead you both? So as early as before you jump onto this real marriage, think of launching your own career as a wedding planner. Plan your own wedding so you can save much as. . Would that not be a wise move for a bride to be?

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Choosing Your Wedding Venue

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How Much Budget Are You Willing To Invest?

The budget needed in starting up as a Wedding Planner depends on where you will be putting up your business. So, the costing will vary in different countries. But since you will be starting with your own wedding, you can start up with your own wedding budget but be sure to take this up with your groom to be since the bulk of your financial asset will come from him. Make him understand that aside from getting through with a minimized budget plan, you can have your own business to start with after your wedding. What a nice way to make this proposal of ensuring your future instead of having a couple of headaches to start with right after your honeymoon.

Where To Get A License For Your Business?

Most Business Planner starts on their own or you may get yourself a partner to help you in those manual tasks ahead. However, with the administrative tasks, be sure that no one will interfere with you in your decision making, aside from your husband, of course,

But this does not mean that you are not open to suggestions. As early as this stage, you need as many suggestions as you can get to start with. Solicit information as on where and how to secure a permit or license for your business. You may go to your local business and permit licensing office to be able to know all the details regarding Business Licensing. Once you had, start working on it to secure your business

Renewal of Vows

Where To Put Up your Business?

Since you are just starting, you don’t need to look for a better location site than your home. Remember that you are a Wedding Planner and all they need from you are your plans and later how you execute these plans. You first real wedding will serve as your best showcase so be sure to make it perfect and cover every details. A full video-coverage on or before the wedding is a best jump start.

Another best location site to showcase your wedding plans and activity is through your website. So be sure to establish one for your Wedding Planning Business. A site is the best Marketing Tool you can have to promote your business. Don’t worry if you don’t have one for you can easily avail of a website service in the internet. You may have one for as low as $5 and it’s easy to learn. These websites had their own tutorials and navigators to help you on your journey on making the Best Wedding Planner Website.

Who are the People to Assist You in Your Business?

Aside from you working on all those planning business, you need to affiliate with other people whose business coordinates with your planning. You may start from identifying possible wedding venues: Churches, Cathedrals or Chapels, Resorts, Restaurants or anywhere possible for a wedding ceremony. Be sure to gather information on how to coordinate with a Wedding Officiating Officer. Don’t forget also to tap Photo and Video Coverage Shops, Catering Services and even a singer for the wedding. You may also need reception venues in case reception is separate from the wedding venues.

Although some people prefer to have their own wedding garments preparations, be sure to have your own wedding dress designer to take care of all those dressing needs. You may also think of people who will be in charge of preparation and decoration of venues and people who will be providing you with supplies such as give away gifts, wedding invitations and other materials needed in the wedding,

If you plan to maximize your profit, hire people to take charge of the decorations, catering, video and Photo Coverage instead of tapping Business Resources. You are more likely to save more from having your own workforce than tapping business establishments.

What Qualities you Need to have to run this Business?

The most important is your skill. As a wedding planner, it is important that you possess the skill of a good of the best administrator, organizer, and strategist, all rolled into one for an effective multi-tasking. Expect this for you will need a bunch of people to work with you all the way except those you could hire on a contract basis as per activity. About 90 percent in this business either work alone or only with a partner. With your creativity and business acumen, you must not forget that business is all about money. So don’t be carried by your ingenuity to create an alluring effect much to the sacrifice of your budget. If you want to use these values--creativity and ingenuity then use them with budget saving in mind

Another ability you need to cultivate as a planner is to be able to be a good negotiator. You need this in bidding for a lower cost of the venue, receptions or in purchasing from suppliers especially if it means large orders. Supplies could include wedding dresses for the bride and the entourage, giveaways and anything needed for the wedding. Be able to have a keen eye for details and artistic taste of elegance. Remember that a wedding is a grant and elegant celebration. But most of all, you need to have that great strong character to be cool and calm under stress and pressure.

Vintage Wedding Car

How to handle your Business

Now that you have almost mastered everything that you have to learn about Wedding Planning Business, start with the promotion. Promoting by word is always a good start, so be sure that your own wedding Day is something that people will remember when they see you. Since you will be both a participant and a planner at the same time, expect a great deal of efforts and energy on your first task, and of course stress and pressure. However, a good planning ahead will minimize if not totally eliminate them. Second, perfect your website. Right after a good honeymoon, be sure to jump straight to your computer and start with your newly acquired business as a Wedding Planner. Who know? You might end up earning a great name for yourself in this industry.


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