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How to be a Quality Sales Assistant

Updated on July 15, 2011

Sales assistants have something of a reputation in many people's eyes. Depending on the role they are either seen as pushy, slick sales people who will do anything for a sale, or as unmotivated school leavers who are there to do as little work as possible.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Up and down the country there are many, many good sale's assistants. People who genuinely add worth to any transaction, who help both the customer and the company they are working for.

The reason is mostly – because they care. They care enough to develop the skills needed to be a good sales assistant, they care about the people they are serving and the quality of care that they are giving.

Sales Assistant Jobs

If you are looking for sales assistant vacancies then you are going to have to find job boards that show such roles – and not all do.

Better though, to find a job board that specialises in advertising such positions – and getting people to fill them. A job board like which was set up specifically with the aim of matching those who want a sales assistant job with those that are looking for sales assistants.

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What You Need to be a Quality Sales Assistant

Want to be one of those quality sales assistants? Good for you. We already covered that you need to care – but what do we mean by that, and what else is needed?

  • Product knowledge. If you are going to help potential customers make buying decisions then you are going to need to know what it is you are selling – what the positive and negative points about those items are etc. That way customers can make informed decisions.

  • Positive outlook. You are going to need to excite customers about items, which means that you are going to need a positive personality. On top of that customers aren't always polite so you are going to need some steel and positive demeanour to bounce back.

  • Confidence. You are going to need to be able to talk, and talk well, to customers. Shy people need not apply! If you want to be a quality sales assistant then you are going to need to be a people person too.

  • Motivation. Working in sales can be tough – there are a lot of “no's” as well as a lot of “yes'”, you are going to need to be able to motivate yourself – and ideally the people around you who may also be lacking for some motivation. Certainly if you are looking to move up the career ladder, being able to motivate others is an essential skill.

  • Able to sell. It's not just educating people, or having a chat with them, you should also be able to sell – which means learning how to steer a conversation, how to read people and especially how to 'close' a sale into a positive outcome for all parties.


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