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How to be a Successful Entrepreneur? Here are Some Productive Hacks

Updated on December 5, 2016

Pursuing one’s life into entrepreneurship comes with incomparable challenges and a huge demand for time management as well as an urge to get the overnight success.

What makes an Entrepreneur different from others is their restless hard work and ultimate courage to create freedom each and every day. By freedom, I mean to live life on their terms.


Here is a list of productive hacks inspired by some highly successful entrepreneurs:

1. Set Your Boundaries

Most of the time, to achieve success within a short span of time, we go beyond limit and try to accomplish many things at the same time, which can cause negative impact on our career in the long-run.

It is extremely important to set time boundaries and defend them. None of the other people including customers are going to care about our limits; it is solely our job to do so.

According to the entrepreneur, Mike Michalowicz, making oneself available for customers for 24/7 sounds definitely great, but as the time goes, one tends to become a slave of their business resulting into endless anxiety and dissatisfaction. Instead of following such practice, it is a must to steal little time to get recharged and deliver better services to customers.


2. Do not get too much Infatuated with Perfection

Getting too much involved in action to achieve perfection results into procrastination.

Leading one’s work to perfection in a short time requires excessive planning that may ultimately result into delay tasks.

The key is to finish the inevitable actions first and later, worry about Perfection.


3. Do not Wait for Someone Or Something to Inspire You

Entrepreneurship is not a child’s play. It is an adult thing. Everyone agrees with me, right? I know you do. So, letting ourselves lured by emotional setbacks and mulling over our idea of whether to do it or not anymore is quite childish.

We know we have lots of work to do. There is an article, a website, a blog that we need to cover up. We have a heavy and an important task of growing our clients and serve the customers.

There is no room to wait for inspiration; do what we must do instead of thinking what we feel about it.

“Amateurs relax and keep waiting for inspiration, but the rest of us get up and go to work.” Stephen King.


4. Putting Start Time is not Enough, There is A NEED for End Time too

There is hardly any person who does not set a start time for a task, but setting end time as well is a fashion followed by only few people.

The major drawback of such practice is the ample amount of time wastage. If we set a limit of five hours to complete a task such as writing an article, it is possible that we may finish it in less time.

The rule of setting time limits and finishing the work within that set limits shows our efficiency and power of concentration.


5. Bring a Definite System Into our Lifestyle

We know what we want and how to achieve it. Still, most of us take time to do it, while some takes comparatively lesser time.

The difference lies in the procedure and a sense of discipline to follow that procedure religiously. People who have a great lust for success follow a strict system:

They wake up early and start their morning with exercise and meditation.

They get their most important work done when there is no possibility of distractions and maintain a strict system for the rest of the day.


6. Start From Where You Are, Utilize What You Have

It is a tech world, where more and more people are relying extremely on mobile apps and gadgets for their day-to-day work.

Instead of spending tons of money to get more tools for our enhanced productivity, we must make the fullest use of what we already possess. Probably, we never required those tools or if we do, we can now consider adding the right ones into our collection.

“We may end up wasting our valuable money and getting depressed with the bad outcome, if we fail to make time to connect with relevant professionals or actively use the subscription apps and tools we pay for.”


7. Outsource Whenever you Require

Be a leader and hire talented people who can help us to give a real vision to our goal.

There is no harm in asking for help when our business is on the verge of growing at a fast pace and ready to blast the market.

Though there is a great challenge in how to outsource and attract mass, but when we are ready and we know it, we must begin with something small first and then, display our expertise in a much better way.

“Hiring great talent is the best thing we can and should do as a leader as they help us to scale and generate better leverage for us.” Ivanka Trump.


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