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How To Be A Good Manager

Updated on February 28, 2015

The definition of a Business Manager

A good manager is a person who can lead a company employees and the business operations to success most of the times. It is a person who cares for its employees and conducts itself in a professional manner.

According to the Collins dictionary, a Business Manager is a person who ensures the running of a business by managing the work of relevant staff.

Skills required from a Business Manager

In my opinion, the most important skill required is COMMUNICATION. The Manager has to communicate on all levels:

  • Upwards - with the owners
  • Sideways on the same level - with senior peers / other managers in the organization
  • Downwards - with his / her employees

Failure in any one of these areas can cause a lot of problems for all the people involved.

3 years ago, when the financial crises hit Australia, my General Manager invited all of his employees to a meeting. The meeting was about the future of our company. An employee raised the issue: will the company survive the crisis and whether he can take out a home loan? My General Manager assured us that the company will survive the crisis and nobody will be fired. This was such a great comfort for all of us knowing that we have a fairly safe job. His action make me feel good about my job and motivated me to contribute even more to the development of the company.

A good manager knows how to solve problems positively and stives to improve its skills constantly.

A successful manager has good decision making skills. My company was recently recognized as the best company in Asia Pacific and Australia. We owe this mostly to my General Manager and his ability to make the right decisions about the business operations and ventures.

Manager- Employee relationship

The Manager can have a direct influence on the employees performance, development, employee turnover and low morale. A good manager will take the time to listen to his staff and encourage their self development. He / she will be supportive and understanding their needs and wants.

Beyond the Manager's role

A good manager cares for its quality employees. He / she will go out of their way to please those employees who are loyal and great assets to the organization.

I work for an international company. Most of the job is done on the company's premises, but every now and then we have to go to the client's site. When this happens, my General Manager sends me a sms on my mobile to wish me good luck and enjoy the day. That is so nice of him! I feel appreciated, cared for and valued. This kind of care / sms goes for Christmas and New Year too.

My General Manager does not forget anyone's birthday. He either gives us a voucher or asks us what we want and he buys that product for us. He also send out an email to the whole team asking everyone to congratulate the birthday girl or boy.

His generosity goes even further. One of my fellow colleague was diagnosed with cancer last year and he had to stop working. My Manager set up a weekly donation for him and his family to cover their groceries expenditure. He also asked all of us to contribute as much or as little we want towards the donation. He personally added his money many times to the "collection jar". This kind of actions make me look up to him and admire his actions. I am sure most of the other employees feel the same way as I do.

He is very approachable. I can go into his office when I have an issue without prior notice / appointment, provided he is not in a meeting or phone call.

Happy Management!


So, if you are a Business Manager, think about the above points and try to become someone that your employees will appreciate and value. Good luck!


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    • Magdalena55 profile image

      Magdalena Todor 5 years ago from Australia

      Hi jpcmc, I do agree with you 100%. Unfortunately not all managers want to admit the lack of communication skills or fail to see the benefits of proper communication

    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 5 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Without a doubt communication is a vital skill managers should have. I've seen instancs where failure to communicate brought the whole department down. It's just sad to see failure when the problem is just communicating properly.