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How to be a unique successful giant in one’s life?

Updated on March 19, 2015

I resolve to recommend these tips based on Personal experiences. It’s time to pen with insist of divine rays (powerful electromagnetic) from Planets compel me to do this.

Here is the Secret to be part of universe; one comes to enjoy peaceful, blissful life. One must believe whatever we are today in position based on our previous lives deeds. Our soul passes from one skin to other until it reaches GOD’s abode depends on our good Karma. This may be ridiculous to some part of population but truth can’t be vanished, hide or buried.

Old saying “Life is not always a bed of roses”, thorns play a most vital part, before you enjoy a delicious fruit. Emotions like angry, happiness, sadness, etc are part of one's life. One should overcome this to lead a successful life.

Lives of great men always remind us, We can make our lives sublime, And departing, leaving behind us, Footprints on sands of time. ---H.W Longfellow

Here are my views to defend your-self in competitive world:

1) Always be Humble, suppress Ego and control Emotions. You may be rewarded or humiliated, whatever may be, learn to be Cool, not to encourage hypocrisy.

2) SMILE enough to defeat your enemy.

3) Never Argue in any circumstances.

4) Not to talk evil of anyone behind back.

5) Try to forget the dreary past, fill you mind with wonderful memories.

6) Raise your Hobby as every person is born gift of hidden talents.

7) Note regular events in your personal Dairy.

8) Observe the people or things around you. Keep the Mind always in receiving mode.

9) Seek advice from your GURU/ Teacher. You will come in contact with many people in your life-time. Perceive good habits from them.

10) Kill the diabolic thoughts which arise in your mind.

11) Charity and Generosity are colorful deeds leads you to a magnificent personality.

12) Display lots of LOVE around you.

13) Accept whatever comes in your way silently.

14) Never lie to Doctors & Astrologers. If so, thus carry curse.

15) Read Biographies of renowned (/Celebrities), so that we can extract something unique in their lifestyles.

Those who consider above 15 points will definitely make their Soul Immortal.


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