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How to be more optimistic

Updated on May 20, 2013
Be more optimistic
Be more optimistic

Be more optimistic

The optimistic people are more confident, happier and get better results, so I leave here you a few tips so you can be more optimistic:

1 - Today is the most important day of your life. Do not overload yourself with painful memories of yesterday or cowardly fears of tomorrow. Live each day with enthusiasm and harmony.

2 - Build your life by your own. Do not let the opinions and mistakes of others lead you to failure.

3 - Send out love, affection and sympathy. Do not store your spiritual treasures, because the more joy and love you spread, the happier you are.

4 - Do not wait for others. Your great source of energy is in yourself - if you know how to use it you will see how much prosperous and strong you already are.

5 - Be punctual, honest and demanding with yourself. Who does not have discipline, wastes treasures of physical and mental energy, and ultimately destroys himself. Remember that time must be used wisely.

6 - Take care of your body and your mind, saving both healthy. As the ills of one are reflected in the other, the two, by equal, deserve your care.
Feed your mind with positive and healthy thoughts so they can be reflected in your body.

7 - Be patient. Never doubt the continuity of life and that victory belongs to those who know how to wait for the right moment to act. Take your time, everything has its time.

8 - Escape from the extravagance and waste. These are things for unbalanced people - and balance in life is a priceless commodity.

9 - Make a daily evaluation of your life. See what you really should give importance. See if you're not wasting your time with useless things like prejudice and resentment, because the important is peace and harmony.

10 - When you make a conscious and free decision, never get away from it. Be strong in your decisions. To know what you want is the foundation to win. With optimism everything ends up well.


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