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Making money in a suffering economy. Business boosting Behaviors.

Updated on January 28, 2014

Intro to business

The following five steps I am going to present are what Iv'e discovered on my own, seen in action, or have read about from the experts. So first things first, get into the business zone and be prepared to take all five steps to their threshold. Because some of these take work, and some are easy and common sense, but which most people take for granted. Overall every step is easy to begin to embody. One must have the fortitude to stick with it and be a dreamer, a believer.

Step 1: Be frugal

Benjamin Franklin wrote a substantial amount on the mentality of a successful business man. One of his main points, in which he put a lot of importance, was to be frugal. Calculate your spending, see where your money is going. Cut corners as often as you can. Instead of that expensive designer coffee, go to the local gas station or brew it yourself. If you absolutely need that special cup of Jose, drop down a size. If you can save a dollar a day just on a coffee adjustment, your looking at $360 a year which is the same price as a press release on (more on that later). Just imagine the possibilities of a good look at your budget. Because if your looking at this, your business is important. So remember that when your in the drive thru for lunch spending 6.50 on a adult happy meal when you could have brought a cup of almonds from home for 25% of the price with 3x the health benefits. Take this step and run with it.

2. Time is money, but so is money!

If your living in this world, your in a relationship with your culture. You give and you take, you give goods and get goods. You are provided services and you give service. Etcetera etcetera. Here's the brilliant idea. Stop paying people to do things for you. Just the same as being frugal pays, being able to provide all the services and all the goods necessary to your M.O. makes you powerful. The countries with the unique exports names the price. The business that doesn't need to purchase or trade, trades on their terms. If your a musician who pays for recording time, become familiar with the process, make it a goal to eventually providing that service. For yourself and others. Be the "Jack of all trades" as they say. Believe me, I know this from experience. You want people to need you, not the other way around. You will need a lot more time to learn these things, but it's worth it, because money is money too!

3. Be brave my young lion. And stay that way.

No one ever did a thing worth a damn being scared. So be brave, take chances. When your out in public and you see an opportunity to market yourself, you better jump all over that! Because you will never get that opportunity again and you will regret it. The feeling of your own cowardice will bring you down.

What happens if you do take the opportunity? Well your heart races, you sweat, you may stutter, but you do it. People see an act of courage and respect more that than anything else. They will love something in you that they want for themselves. They will wonder about you and you fearless antics. They will remember you forever. And you, you will feel fear, you will know the feeling, and so you will conquer it. And there you are in a new realm of understanding people, which is the ultimate goal in business, understanding your customer. And oh yea, you just gave yourself a bit of free adverting. So be courageous young lion, and see what you can accomplish.

4. Two words...

Social Networking. This is obvious and almost self explanatory nut i will list the web pages that are very important to create your online personalty.

  1. FaceBook: This is a no brainer. Keep people updated on your endeavors. Give them a little bit of you professionally and personally (don't get to personal, you know tell them about how much your enjoying the weather or how you taught the scooby how to talk, or sit).
  2. Linked in: It's like Facebook for professionals. I'm new to the site, so click on the links I provide at the end of the article and sign up. Feel it out a bit. Go through the steps. Spend about thirty minutes to an hour going through this and all your other social network sites. Read up on how to use them better, link up with ideal people etc. etc. spend a little time everyday hanging around on the site. Get something done, anything really. Progress is progress my friend.
  3. Youtube: What better way to get people to understand you and your business than to add a very informative aspect. Video! Your not going to remember everything about you and your business all the time, but when you do remember something worth saying, say it on video, so when someone ask you, what can your business do for me, you can say, well Ican tell you a bit now, and I can also let you see my video series describing everything my business does. You get the idea.
  4. Twitter, soundcloud, bandcamp, Google plus. Search them out, find network sites accustomed to your specific business. Get yourself out there, everywhere. Start a blog, Join a page writing articles like Possibilities are endless, by the time you join them all ten more just got created. Saturate the Web.

5. Four words...


Walk the beat! Stomp your Feet! Pound the pavement! Put your face in every ones head. A picture of you smiling, shaking there hand and telling them how your gonna change the word. Get some business cards. Get to the mall, the coffee shop. If your a musician go to the music store. A writer, get to the book store. Get into conversations with perfect strangers and slip in how awesome you are at something they enjoy. Be creative with this idea, again there is no limits.


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