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How To Become A SEO Expert Within 2 Years?

Updated on October 13, 2013

First Half Year - Basic Skills

The first half year, you may not know the charming of SEO or Marketing, because the primary object for you is to adapt to become a SEO. Generally speaking, you need to know the basic optimize ways with various online or offline tools. No matter what kind of company you are working for, the primary job is to expose something (product, company or service) online with various ways. The following 3 steps can help you master the basic skills.

First of all, familiar with your company and product via Q&A site

I know you may read many introductions and even test "it". But you never know what will your customers like or hate until you dug out all the possible problems they encountered and concerned in daily life. From basic Yahoo Answer on, you will have a deep insight about your "product" after 2 weeks if you can upgrade your account to 3 levels like me.

Secondly, give a sip for all basic promoting ways including article, press release, bookmark, blog, Q&A, forum, social share, web 2.0, blog comments (maybe more). Try to feature out what's the difference between them and do it yourself, register them and try your best to build a link via all possible way you can. This is a way to dive to SEO world. Slow but high-effective for you.

Thirdly, as a basic skill, how to use different promoting tools like SEnuke, Parameter, Linkchecker, RankTracker, IndexChecker, Alexapaiming, and Scrapbox . Online websites like MajesticSEO, SEMrush, Ahrefs, GA. Download them (some of them should be paid), try to use them in the course of identifying, measuring, building and deleting backlinks. Take MajesticSEO as example, it can be used to analyze the backlink profile with details like recourses, citation flow, trust flow, status, and amount.

It may take you half or more years to master those basic skills, then we move to our second half year.


Second Half Year - Initiative

After mastering all the basic tools and ways to build backlinks, the second object for SEOer is to solidify and enhance initiative from different aspects, which can be characterized by developing new promoting channels for different promoting ways.

It can be divided into digging new resource, building new backlinks, deleting junk backlinks in the course of link building program.

In digging new resource stage, saving for searching via Google with command, you may practice your initiative here with your possible imagination. Here is mine. As a second search engine in the world, YouTube should be your alternative resource search. Try to find the related videos by your keywords like "Video Editor" and filtered the top publishers as your objects. Contact with them and ask if it's possible to add your product page in the description area. No matter which requirements you need, don't forget that you should pay what you need. It can be a gift like coupon code to redeem your product, or physical products from our company or directly money. Don't forget to use message not comment to avoid your footprint in communicating, you know YouTube belongs to Google, right?

Second stage - building backlinks, as mentioned above, you can search resource in YouTube, you can also build backlinks there. That's the case with your social platform like Facebook and Twitter. With millions of users and powerful internal searching function, Facebook and Twitter can filtered all the related users with the keyword we put in. Therefore, if you're looking for someone who can promote your page or product in their social account, you can type the keywords to figure out who mentioned your brand name before in the status or event, which can increase the successful rate to maximum extend.

Junk backlinks is the last thing SEOers preferring to deal with. Though there is none backlinks, you still need to clean some old low quality backlinks with high as the time goes by. Therefore, it could be parts of link building program too. Disavow them is the most convenient way to disconnect them with Google. But to make sure, the best way is to contact with all the website owners to delete them manually. It may take a long time, but it deserves.



Third Half Year - Merging

If you want to be an expert, you must know how to merge in SEO business line or marketing line, online and offline.

1, build your personal social account, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin with genuine information with details. If it's possible, build your personal blogs and update them regularly.

2, in order to update your SEO news and information, monitor the top SEO forums and websites like SearchEngineLand, SearchEngineWatch and so on. If your company or product is categorized as software, you may need to keep an eye on IT or tech news via PCWorld, Engadgets.

3, except for online news, you can take part in some offline conference like SMX (Search Marketing Expo.) around the world yearly, which will share the latest trends and news about search engine optimization and marketing around the world by multiple experts.


Last Half Year - Rerich Yourself

Now you become someone who can talk and speak in SEO area. The last step to become expert is to enrich you with reading, summarizing, analyzing and sharing.


Reading some theoretical books about SEO, marketing will broaden and deepen your horizon in this area. I don't want to emphasize the importance of learning, but reading is the first step to enrich your mind. And don't restrict yourself in the purely "SEO" area, which will restrict your future because of lack of related knowledge like customer behavior, segmentation methods, branding strategy, website design, statistics, campaigns in Google adwords.

Summarizing and Analyzing

Reading will pour all the necessary information you need, but if you want to root it in your heart. You may need to take more endeavors like summarizing and analyzing on your own. Such as when you found some new channels to dig seo resource, try to summarize it with your own idea and ways, and ask at least 5 "Why" in your mind. When you encounter new tools, try to use it and find the best way to practice.


Sharing is the best way to gain reputation and popularity in the internet world in my opinion. When you summarized or analyzed something new or systematic, sharing it with your friends, you will know the power. People would make friends and share the similar experience with you like what I’m doing here.

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Want To Learn The Secrets Of An SEO Expert?

Others - Don't Give Up Yourself Anytime

Sometimes, I will doubt myself that if I can be some "big shot" as SEOer? Now I know the answer now. Don't give up yourself anytime. But I’m not blind believer because I never stop to improve myself by learning and exploring. You can pretend as student, as long as you become an excellent student, you can be the expert sooner or later. Fighting!


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    • Liza  Brown profile imageAUTHOR

      Liza Brown 

      6 years ago from Chicago

      Thanks for your comments. Your hubs about Kindle is very insightful too.

    • Adept2012 profile image

      Adebayo Adeolu Ibrahim 

      6 years ago

      What a great article. I like the way you discuss each step to take. Thanks

    • Liza  Brown profile imageAUTHOR

      Liza Brown 

      6 years ago from Chicago

      If you have any questions about video editor, you can come to me, you will be always welcome here.

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 

      6 years ago from Lincolnshire, U.K

      I'm hopeless when it come to making and editing videos. Maybe I'll learn something from you.

      Interesting article on SEO.


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