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How to become an ebay top rated seller

Updated on August 9, 2015

Being an ebay top-rated seller has many advantages. Amongst them, is the fact that your listings appear higher up and that customers will trust you more. Becoming a top-rated seller is of utmost importance if you want your business to do well on ebay. Here is how I managed to achieve this top-rated status.

  • Be Clear - Make sure your listings are as clear as possible. Put in every detail you can think of to be sure that your client will know exactly what he is bidding on. Disappointments will mean low ratings for you!
  • Attractive Listing - Make your listing as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Use a easy on the eye font in a large size and bold out important details.
  • Try Again - If your item does not sell the first time round review it, edit it and relist it. Just because it did not sell the first time around doesn't mean it won't be be bid on the next. I have had item that took months to sell but when they did, there was a bid war for them.
  • Mail Immediately - Clients are very often impatient for their items and need them to arrive by certain days. You need to ship as fast as possible. I have gone out in storms to mail an item for a client. If you are shipping internationally, your items may take longer to arrive so specify this in your listing. Your clients at times do not realize that this is an international transaction. However, always make sure that you have been paid before mailing since there have been several occassions when clients have backed out even after winning an auction.
  • Leave feedback - If you leave feedback for your customers, they are more likely to return the feedback.
  • Buy it Now - Consider adding a Buy it Now to your auction. Many customers prefer to buy immediately rather then waiting days for the auction to end. Think of the Buy it Now as a service to your clients.
  • Be available- Answer clients questions as fast as you can. If they complain about an item, you are more likely to get positive feedback if you give them a refund rather then letting them resort to ebay buyer protection.
  • Honor your prices - Many a time, I have had to ship an item at a loss. I literally spent more on postage then the item sold for. I would have had the option to cancel the transaction but then the customer would have been able to give me a negative. Not worth it for me, so I ship at a loss.
  • Contact Buyer- When you dispatch your order, contact the buyer and let them know. Although ebay sends an automated message, they usually appreciate getting a personal note. You can also let them know when to expect the item so as to avoid the "Where is my item?" questions later.
  • Free item - When circumstances permit, I like to pop in an extra free item. I tell my client I sent this because I appreciate their business. It usually makes them return for more.
  • Note - According to ebay terms, you cannot ask a buyer to leave you positive feedback but you can always politely ask the client what they think of your service. With every item I mail, I send a tiny card telling the client that I hope they liked the item and to let me know if they have any complaints.

When you do achieve the top-rated status, it is important to maintain it. You cannot simply relax because a few low ratings or negatives are likely to destroy all your hard work and top-rated status along with all the benefits it brings. Remember to treat your ebay customers as you would treat them if you had to serve them face to face!

If you are interested in starting an ebay business you may wonder what items you can sell. You may want to check out my other hub on How to Find Items to Sell on Ebay.


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    • kikalina profile image

      kikalina 4 years ago from Europe

      Oh. I am not Hawaiian although I really would not mind being so. I am from plain old Europe and my other hubs may give you a better indication of the location :)

    • Emma Harvey profile image

      Emma Kisby 5 years ago from Berkshire, UK

      Good advice for ebay sellers. I will use these tips next time I sell some items on there.

    • hawaiianodysseus profile image

      Hawaiian Odysseus 5 years ago from Southeast Washington state

      Thank you very much for a well-written, straightforward, and user-friendly article, kikalina. Your name sounds Hawaiian because each consonant is followed by a vowel, and the name ends in a vowel...may I ask what your country of origin is? Voted up, useful, interesting, and awesome, and shared, tweeted, facebooked, and pinned. It's an honor to be a follower.

    • kikalina profile image

      kikalina 5 years ago from Europe

      Thanks for your comments and nice to see you drop by again Pamela :)

    • Pamela Kinnaird W profile image

      Pamela Kinnaird W 5 years ago from Maui and Arizona

      I enjoyed reading this just now -- and then I see my comment from six months ago. I guess I've enjoyed reading it twice. It's still great information. Voting up and sharing.

    • Docmo profile image

      Mohan Kumar 6 years ago from UK

      Really useful tips for any ebay wannabe. Highly informative and pretty good advice too. Well done.

    • old albion profile image

      Graham Lee 6 years ago from Lancashire. England.

      Excellent straightforward and informative. Voted up.

      Best Wishes.

    • kikalina profile image

      kikalina 6 years ago from Europe

      Thanks collegedad and Pamela Kinnaird W. I appreciate your comments.

    • Pamela Kinnaird W profile image

      Pamela Kinnaird W 6 years ago from Maui and Arizona

      This is another great hub you've written on this subject.

    • collegedad profile image

      collegedad 6 years ago from The Upper Peninsula

      Thanks for the great hub!

    • kikalina profile image

      kikalina 6 years ago from Europe

      Thanks for your visit and comments RTalloni and brianlokker. I hope this tips will be useful to your venture.

    • brianlokker profile image

      Brian Lokker 6 years ago from Bethesda, Maryland

      Good advice. I'm about to give eBay a try, and I will keep these pointers in mind.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      Your eBay tips are excellent ones to follow for anyone wanting to seriously benefit from the opportunity to use it as a business. Voted up.

    • kikalina profile image

      kikalina 6 years ago from Europe

      As an individual it is easier to spend some extra time on customer care. ty for your visit and comments brett.

    • Brett.Tesol profile image

      Brett Caulton 6 years ago from Thailand

      Voted up and useful, very sound straightforward advice. We are all lacking good service from big companies nowadays, so when someone does a bit extra it gets noticed!

      Thanks for SHARING.

    • kikalina profile image

      kikalina 6 years ago from Europe

      How are you doing Reginald?

      Yeah and very true alocsin. You need to treat the customer very well if you want them to return!

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      In other words, treat the customer as you yourself want to be treated. Voting this Up and Useful.

    • Reginald Boswell profile image

      Reginald Boswell 6 years ago from Alabama

      Thanks, Just getting my feet wet with E Bay.

    • kikalina profile image

      kikalina 6 years ago from Europe

      Yes, you really have to take care of your clients at all times. At the end, it pays off!

    • point2make profile image

      point2make 6 years ago

      Good Hub. Your listings, your pricing, your shipping terms and your appreciation should always have the same focus.....your customer!!! Too many times a seller "forgets" who is paying for the opportunity, they have,to sell on ebay. If you don't place your customer at the apex of your business plan you will not reach top rated seller status.