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How to become a Java developer?

Updated on November 16, 2014

Who is a Java developer?

A Java developer is someone who not only involves in program/codes; he/she takes active participation throughout the software development life cycle, i.e., it is the job of a developer to analyze a problem, create system efficient solutions and then viably integrate the entire planning to deliver sound functionality.

A Java developer's job is to create and test various computer programs by using a programming language, which is called 'Java'. Originally created by Sun Microsystems, Java language powers all types of programs-from online games to business applications. Although, it is a computer language, but Java is different from other computer languages in various ways. For instance, it is designed to facilitate the creation of software that can easily be run on various types of computers like Windows PCs and Macs.

The majority of Java developers are working in diversified industries, ranging from healthcare, automobile to content management. It is the job of a Java developer to create different dynamic applications and websites. Some developers design interfaces; while others take care of the work that's completely behind the picture.

Java developers are also responsible for programming different Java/Java scripts on different websites in order to help different processes within a company to perform umpteen computerized tasks, that may also help in complex processing. Java developers also work closely with JavaScript to create security settings that would help users and process different business transactions.

Java developers frequently interact with their team and end-users in order to ensure that the scripting language explicitly deals with varied requirements. On the basis of received feedback, they improve the functionality of a website and also the overall design of the website. Other Java job duties involve collecting and documenting user requirements, closely analyzing data and conducting quality assurance testing.

A Java Developer at work!!!

Duties of a Java developer

  • Design, implement and maintain various Java application stages
  • Impart technical support and consultation for creating different Java application and infrastructure questions.
  • Mentor and guide the team
  • Establish and integrate various development tools and software which are required.
  • Recommend various changes to improvise Java application process.
  • Design technical aspects for various application development.
  • Formulate various application codes for different Java programs.
  • Act as the website administrator, whose main job is to verify various HTML validity, enforcing style and making required amendments.

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Types of Java developer jobs

Although, the basic skills required for Java development may remain same throughout the industry; there are many different options which exist with Java developer jobs. Typically, Java related careers fall into four types of categories- Java programmers, Java Web developers, Java web masters and Java software engineers. Each developer specializes in a particular area which eventually becomes their expertise.

A Java programmer job mainly involves software programming and developing. It can also includes testing and information gathering. Like other developer jobs, programmers usually work within a common area of expertise, like video-game programming. If we talk about the video-game programming, then the developer would work towards creating programmes and implement sounds, graphics & behaviors which are closely associated with the game.

After completing programs, it is the Java programmer job to test them in order to ensure that they are working properly. In many cases, they will also need to train others, like clients, on how to use programs.

It is the task of a Java web developer to create user-friendly websites. These web developers judiciously use their technical prowess and knowledge in designing and creating various web sites on the basis of client's individual requirements. In order to impart an impeccable web experience, web developers will create different applications and other related softwares that help the user to navigate through the website in an easy way. Some of the examples are- making interactive drop down menus, buttons, etc.

The next profile comes is of the Java web masters, whose core work activities involve fulfilling all job duties of the website administrators. Under this profile, they do periodic maintenance of the website in order to ensure that it works smoothly and they alse make all requisite amendments, keeping software up-to-date and responding to all woes & user problems. They also work towards verifying the HTML validity and help in improving the overall structure of the website. It is the job of a web master to keep their websites compatible with new browsers and operating systems.

The last category is of a Java software engineer. It is the task of a Java software engineer to create and implement various softwares on the basis of client's requirements. Once the software is developed, it is their responsibility to maintain it and ensures that it runs smoothly. Also, Java software engineer solves any compatible related issues that may arise after the updating of new software.

Did you know?

Originally, Java was called OAK and was mainly designed for set top boxes and hand-held devices. Java source code files (files with the .java extension) are stored in a format named, as bytecode (files with the .class extension), which can be executed by a Java interpreter. Usually, Java code can easily run on all computers because Java interpreters and runtime environments, which are most commonly called Java Virtual Machines (VMs), work on all operating systems, including Windows and LINUX. It is feasible to convert bytecode directly into machine language instructions with the help of the just-in-time compiler (JIT).

The Java language has various attributes that make it well-suited for different uses in the World Wide Web. Also, small Java applications are known as Java applets and can easily be downloaded from the Web server. It can be run on your computer system through various Java-compatible Web browsers, like Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Required Skills

Strong understanding of the Object Oriented Programming
In-depth knowledge of the NET (VB.NET or C#), PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
Know how to handle computer equipments like mainframe computers, serial port cards.
Web development services
Proficiency in database software
Great analytical skills
Organizational skills
A good learner

Education required to become a Java developer

Most of the employers demand applicants for Java Developer jobs who have an associate or a bachelor degree in information systems, computer science, mathematics or other closely related sectors. To build a career in the Java field, it is advised to pursue a computer science degree because these programs typically have a coursework that will help you in learning skills and competencies that are required for a Java developer job. This coursework may comprise of database management, compilers, data structure, technical writing and computer architecture. There are various colleges/institutes where Java related courses are offered.

Below is the list of top institutes offering Java courses-

  • Eyeopen Technologies, Chennai
  • CMS Computer Institute, Mumbai
  • Software Learning Solutions, Hyderabad
  • Croma Campus, Noida
  • Sky Infotech, Noida
  • St. Angelos Professional Education, Mumbai

It is advised to get your education from the best institute. Make sure that it is the institute which is known for its computer science department. Also, it is important to check that the program offers you training in different computing and object oriented systems.

Applicants for Java jobs may qualify without formal education in one of these areas, provided they possess substantial technical expertise and knowledge. The more knowledge and skills you learn during your job, the more booming Java jobs you will find for yourself from the leading companies.

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Job Opportunities

Java developers may be hired on a full-time or part-time basis or on a contractual employment by various types of small, medium and large organizations, including-

  • Graphic designing companies
  • Software companies
  • Video game development companies
  • Computer programming companies
  • Internet application companies
  • Educational institutes
  • Large non-profit organizations
  • Self-employment

Java is used throughout the banking sector in various forms, for instance, online banking, mobile banking, etc. Also, a Java developer is involved in different projects that run over the certified time periods. A developer supports the production environment and helps in combating with defects that may arise over the time. While closely analyzing these tasks, the developer also takes care of different queries that may arise.

It is important to note that it takes several years to reach the senior level. When hiring senior Java developers, employers look for candidates who have 8-10 years of experience. A senior Java developer may analyze daunting problems, formulate documentation, review coding and evaluate different development process. Like any other IT professional, Java developers also work for long hours. There are some industries like gaming, which are known for tight work deadlines.

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The average salary of a Java developer job is Rs 4 lakh/annum. Experience and your skills influence your salary to a great extent. Moreover, there are few Indian cities like Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai, where there are abundant Java jobs, and therefore, professionals working these cities draw high salaries as compared to Java developers working in other parts of the country.

What is the career progression?

It is not a definite career path, however, your career growth can be like this-

Junior Developer-> Senior Developer->Team Leader->Development Manager.

Alternate career options

  • Computer programmer= Those who are interested in programming languages, but want to expand their work beyond the web page coding, should consider building a career as the computer programmer. Computer programmers get software ideas and different flowcharts from developers and then they write code for creating a fully functional product. They also modify different current programs and detect performance errors.
  • Software Applications Developer= If you like the idea of coming up with new software applications, then it is the right career move for you. These developers help in exploring what main programs are required and create different drawings & diagrams which help in laying out different functional process.

The software application developer also keeps an accurate record of different development process and work with other programmers for conducting different testing activities. In order to build a career in this field, it is important to possess a bachelor's degree in computer science and moreover, knowledge of programming languages is also required. Many Java developers start doing this job in lower programming positions and then make an advancement to the software development job.

Conditions to fulfill to become a certified Java developer

In order to become a certified Java developer, it is crucial to have sufficient knowledge of the language and its different applications, There are no fixed educational requirements, just technical competences are required. It is important that the Java programmers should know how to compile the programming language as well as how to update/repair different Java based applications.

There are various benefits which you may enjoy after becoming a certified Java developer. You become more marketable to prospective employers as certification gives you validation of skill sets for doing specific Java job and it also shows your commitment towards the professional. Also, during the process of becoming a certified Java developer, you get a chance to broaden your knowledge base and you also learn new skills set as you get enough exposure to various functions, tasks and features.

Top employers offering high salaries to Java developers are-

Cognizant Technology
IBM Global Services

Major release versions of Java are-

  • JDK 1.0 (Jan, 1996)
  • JDK 1.1 1997)

  • J2SE 1.2 (December, 1998)

  • J2SE 1.3 (May, 2000)

  • J2SE 1.4 (February, 2002)

  • J2SE 5.0 (September, 2004)

  • Java SE 6 (December, 2006)

  • Java SE 7 (July, 2011)

  • Java SE 8 (March, 2014)

History of Java Language

James Gosling, Mike Sheridan, and Patrick Naughton started the Java language project in the year 1991. Earlier, Java was mainly designed for the interactive television, but at that time it was too advanced for the television industry. Originally, the language was called Oak, after an Oak tree which was standing outside the office of Gosling; then it got the name 'green', and finally renamed 'Java', after the Java coffee.

In the year 1995, Sun Microsystems released the first implementation as Java 1.0. It was launched with a promise of "Write Once, Run Anywhere" with no cost run jobs. Most of the leading web browsers used Java applets within web pages, and in a very short span of time, Java gained immense popularity.

Let's find out what skills may help you in landing a job.


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    • dhimanreena profile imageAUTHOR

      Reena Dhiman 

      4 years ago

      @radhikashree I am delighted to know that you find my hub useful. Ya If we talk about India, then there are various institutes which are imparting online learning like

      IT Career Makers, Kalkaji, Delhi

      Tally Institute of Learning (Authorised Institute from Tally Bengaluru), Saket, Delhi

      Indian Institute of Hardware Technology (IIHT), Sec 14, Gurgaon

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      Hi Dhimanreena,

      Clear and detailed explanation useful for both employee and employer. This article is useful for understanding Java, programmer and developer.

      Thanks rated up, useful and beautiful.

    • radhikasree profile image

      Radhika Sreekanth 

      4 years ago from Mumbai,India

      Great post on Java programming. I did my final project in JSP during my masters in computer application. Now I'm trying to refresh all those as I've completely left this field after marriage. Is there any Java learning course online? Please let me know about it.

      Voted up, useful and interesting. Sharing in Hubpages.


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