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How to close a sales deal in 9 easy steps

Updated on February 6, 2013

I professionally worked in sales for more than 10 years; but the first sale of my life came when I was less than 8 years old, I sold over a hundred pens, actually they were my dad’s pens, and when he found out that they were all gone, he made me give the money back to my buyers, and give him his pens back. Then he taught me my first basic lesson in the art of selling: “you can only sell things you own and/or have permission to sell”. It was an appropriate lesson for a little kid. In this hub I want to share with you what I learn after that.

Once I gave everybody’s money back, and got the pens back, I bought honey (with borrowed money) and sold it, I started with 100 pounds, and after a few I was buying and selling over 1.000 pounds, being a teenager not older than 13 years old it was a pretty big deal for me. At the same time I sold almost everything: gum, chocolate, stickers, cloth, gadgets, books, furniture, exercise machines, sports supplies, camping supplies, bikes, and so on. But my main steady income came from the honey. When I was old enough to have a job, I got one in a big company selling books door to door, at the same time I became a travel agent, and obviously I sold trips, as I still had some time to spare I got another job selling dietary supplies; a little later I was invited to work for a company that sells luxury cars, where the cheapest one costs 75.000 Dlls. I worked there many years, almost a decade, and also occasionally worked as a realtor.

I want to share with you some of the things I learned during all this time. Of course, there are many things to say about sales, and you just can’t share everything in just one hub. So, I compiled the most important and general things (according to my personal experience) on having a good presentation. A good presentation will get me closer to seal the deal.

9 steps of a good presentation:


2.Ice breaking

3.Reason of the visitation

4.Presentation of the product

5.Sum of values

6.Pre-close (fill in the contract)


8.Solve the objections

9.Close the deal (sign the contract)

Explanation of each point:

Let’s assume this presentation happens at your customer’s office.


It has to be assertive, kind, with a sincere smile in your face. Be warm just because you love the personal contact with other people and offer a solution to their “needs” (in quotes because you may sell luxury things, which are not necessary for all people, but some people want it, and you can provide it for them), not because you are trying to sell them something, be honest with them; that is what the part of the “sincere smile” stands for. Example: Good morning! My name is Marcelo Lagos. What is yours? It is a real pleasure to meet you, Mr. John Smith!

2.Ice breaking

It depends on your customer and the activities he (or she) does. Try to find something about him that you could use to have a nice conversation with him, give him your whole attention! This is very important! This step lets us know our customer, empathize with him, and gain his trust. Just be yourself.

3.Reason of the visitation

Straightforward explain your reason for being there. Example: “I came here to invite you to own the product that I am going to present you now; I am sure this will bring you satisfaction and you will really enjoy it”.

4.Presentation of the product

Keep it between cool and enthusiastic. Introduce the product you have, talk about the benefits and exclusivity of it. Let him know how much more is he obtaining. Then make him feel how it will be after he buys your product. Make him feel like he already has it. Make him enjoy the feeling. This will help him make a decision.

5.Sum of values

Give him the whole price, the final price, exactly how much money he will take out of his pocket to get this product. Tell him what is included in that price. Don’t give him a low number at first and another one higher later. Include taxes and everything he will need to pay in order to use the product. Don’t hide anything; you don’t want to give him bad surprises afterwards. Don’t promise anything you won’t be able to fulfill. Give him a little moment. Remain in silence.

Now ask for his opinion, let him think and talk. Keep it cool. Pay close attention to his face, specially his look. But don’t stare, be natural.

After a moment, go on, keep motivating him, don’t oversell it, and stay natural. Always take for granted the success of the operation, this will make your words come out in the right way to motivate a decision from him. Start filling in the contract. Once again, keep it cool and natural.

6.Pre-close (fill in the contract)

While filling in the contract, tell him he is buying “x” product for the price “y”, and tell him something like: “please, give me your whole name so I can write it down correctly in this contract and on the invoice”. By doing this you let your customer realize the operation is a fact, so he has to decide in that very moment.

If he doesn’t say anything, tell him again about the advantages of your product ‑may be a few you didn’t mention before‑ so he can make a faster decision.


If he has any objections listen closely, don’t interrupt him, let him speak until he finishes. And find a solution to every objection he may give to you.

8.Solve the objections

Almost any objection can be solve, your work here is to find that solution, for instance:

Objection: “I don’t have money at this moment”.

Solution: That’s no problem; we can still seal the deal at this moment.

Objection: “I need to consult it with my wife”

Solution: You don’t have to consult if she wants you to buy her a present!

Objection: “I really don’t need this product”

Solution: This is a reward for your hard work; call it a “deserved luxury”

You see where this is going. It is a good exercise to think about the possible objections you would give to a salesman trying to sell you anything; write them down and resolve each objection. This way you will be ready to solve your customer’s problem, and your chances to close your sale will increase.

9.Close the deal (sign the contract)

Hand the contract and your pen to your client, and show him where to sign. Don’t hesitate, don’t be nervous, don’t be afraid, and don’t show surprise. Remain silence until he signs it. If you see vacillation in him, repeat once again the advantages of your product; keep doing it until his expression turns pleasant and decide to take the pen and sign the contract. Your work is done.

This whole process should take approximately 45 minutes. May be more, and in some cases may be less.

To think about

I once heard something about the tigers in the jungle; they only hunt 1 prey out of 8 attempts. This 9-step method of selling has been probed successfully for a very long time; but let me clarify something, being successful in sales does not mean to close every single operation. You are successful because you are trying it! Mr Richard Branson once started a company that went bankruptcy a little later. When somebody asked him how he felt about this failure, he answered something like this: “what failure? I succeeded because I tried it!”

The method presented here will help you close your sales, but don’t get discouraged if you don’t seal your deal in the first attempts, no method will make you sell every single time, there is not formula for it. Keep it up, keep yourself motivated, and don’t give up! You will close your sales deal! You must persevere! Focus on doing all the right things, and enjoy all the process!! This is what being successful it’s all about!

One thing I didn’t mention in the ninth step. If the customer refuses to sign, don’t force him to do it, you did everything right, he is just not ready to buy, no problem there! If you keep pushing him he won’t want to see you again. If you give him the freedom to say no (or yes), and still smile at him, you have a better chance to seal the deal next time. But if you push him too much, the door will be close forever.

Every customer will be different. Before you sell a product you have to “sell” yourself, meaning gain people’s trust; if they trust you they will trust your product, so they will buy it. Your main goal is not the money you are going to get after the operation is done; your main goal is to be satisfied by doing a great job in turning around someone’s mind by your correct presentation; by meeting your customer’s needs; and by knowing that he gets satisfaction from all your work. Bear in mind, a satisfied customer will more likely than not come back to you.


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    • Aaron Seitler profile image

      Aaron Seitler 18 months ago from Manchester, United Kingdom

      Nice work- I think a few of these tricks have been used on me a number of times as a customer!

    • Marcelo Lagos profile image

      Ruben Marcelo Lagos Olguin 4 years ago from Santiago, Chile

      You are always so nice!! Thank you for all your words!! and thank you for voting!! You make me feel so good!!

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Useful tips. I am sure those in sales line should read your hub. Love your real life story. You have sales DNA in you blood. So clever and witty! Voted useful