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How to conquer your fear in public speaking

Updated on January 25, 2012

Fear of public speaking is common to all. I myself has the same situation but because of the constant reminders from my speech teacher on how to conquer my fear of public speaking and also because of exposure to the actual public speaking, I can say that I already somehow conquered that fear. So, I would like to share some tips on how to conquer your fear in public speaking.

In public speaking, it is really important that we have a wide range of knowledge about the topic we will discuss. So it is better to talk about topics that you are familiar with.

Don't just depend on the things you know about the topic. Try to research more so that you can share more things about your topic to your audience.

when you have a fear of public speaking the first thing that will happen to you on stage is to have mental block. In order to avoid this to happen I suggest you to write your speech before the "BIG DAY" and try memorizing it. The hassle about memorizing is that you might still get a mental block so if it's impossible for you to memorize, just go over you piece for several times and remember the most important things: the Introduction and the Conclusion. This is because if you know how to begin and end you speech it will be easy for you to deliver the body of your speech.

An effective way to practice your speech is to practice in front of the mirror. In this way you'd know the facial expressions, gestures and other body movements you'll use in the actual public speaking.

Lastly, practice your speech in setting similar to the actual public speaking setting. In this way you'll be able to condition yourself in that setting.

I hope the tips I shared with you could help in conquering you fear in public speaking. But. always remember that whatever crazy preparations you did, don't ever forget to pray for guidance to Him. Good Luck!


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    • profile image

      danewshaboo 4 years ago

      Nice simple tips. Thanks

    • John Stones profile image

      John Stones 5 years ago

      I had a fear of public speech but I overcome it. Here is how