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How to convince your client to buy from you?

Updated on January 8, 2013

Eight effective tips for sales pitch

How to convince your client to buy from you?

You may be aware of these steps, or you may wonder why your clients buy things from your colleagues, But not from you?

    If you are able to apply these marketing sales steps to your sales pitch effectively then, these steps will help you to sell your product and understand your client’s need.

As we all know, if you want to sell a product you need to understand your clients needs only then he will buy from you and its not only selling a particular product to your client, you  need to make sure that your client refers you to more people.

That’s where you leave an impact on the other person; these steps may also help you in your daily conversation, if you want the other person to buy what you are saying.

             Always remember to have a smile on your face it works in your favor as an icebreaker and helps build rapport with your clients.

1) Introduction: This is the first and most important step; you need to identify your self (name) and the company with firm confidence that your client remembers you.

2) Short story: You need to come up with a story as to why your client is valuable to your company, make your client feel special and be as creative as possible to make your client feel that he is a chosen prospect client.

3) Probing: Always remember to ask open ended questions so that you know the likes and dislikes in regards to your product or services, you will get a fair idea if your client needs what you are offering or you know what your client wants.

 4)Presentation: This step is the backbone of your pitch, you need to sound confident and you must have complete knowledge of your product or service you are offering, remember don’t give the complete domain training or it will confuse the client, just give what your client wants.

5) Price: In this step do not hesitate to quote the price or your client may feel that your product or service is not worth the price.

6)Close: When you close the deal or sale make sure you give all the references related to your services you offered and take the responsibility till your company doesn’t contact your client, and do not hesitate to ask for references.   

    Below are the four steps you can add anywhere between your sales pitch.

A)     Indifferent attitude: you need to understand that you are here to sell your product, and be in the drivers seat and your client should not feel that you are forcing him to buy any thing

B)      Fear of loss: Your client should feel that they will lose on something good which will benefit him or her.

C)      Sense of urgency: This step will help you to sell when your clients tell you that they need time to think on your product.

D)     Greed factor: You can use this step when your client says “May be next time”, make them feel how they are benefited if they buy today, or some one else will get the benefit.


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      Mohammad ali 2 years ago

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      our team sale 80 to 90 thousand per month when we impalement tricks our team now sale 1.25 lak to 1.40 lak it's helpful.

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