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How to create internet radio station

Updated on March 15, 2010
radio tower
radio tower

Respect others copyrights

Before creating a radio show online, if you plan to use others music, make sure you have the legal rights to play their music on your internet radio show. Once you find out whether or not you can play music, select the legally usable songs and play them on your radio show as you see fit.

There are many ways to create an internet radio station on the internet. The main way people create their radio station is by using podcasting websites. Some of these services are free, but the more advanced services can be used for a small fee. Some times the fees are monthly based, others are an one-time fee (which may cost a lot of money).

Create podcasting account with Talkshoe

Talkshoe isn't your ordinary podcasting website. Besides being free of charge to use, you can do some pretty amazing things with this program. Its full proof now. I talked with one of the staff of Talkshoe and its clear that you can host your very own radio station in real time on this program, as long as you respect the copyrights of those who made the music.

Talkshoe brings the convenience of podcasting in real time for your use. If you prefer to do things beforehand, you can record a session and select the hosting time and date that you want it displayed, saving you a load of time in the near future. Or you could simply comply with the traditional methods of Talkshoe by doing live shows.

Live shows give you the opportunity to talk to real people while hosting your show. If your show happens to be a radio station, this is a good way to build a loyal fan base. The more fans you have, the more opportunities you have at making it to a much higher level. There is something else about Talkshoe as well.

Talkshoe allows you to make money online from two different sources. All you have to do is host your station and the income will start rolling in. That's why its so important to get a big fan base.


Download Audacity

Audacity is free software that lets you create radio stations (amongst many other features). Because the main focus of this is to create an internet radio station, I will be explaining how you can create your very own radio station quickly using Audacity.

Audacity lets you combine audio tracks together, eliminate noises in the background, and much more. Audacity then uses these combined files and does a flawless playback. You may throw in a few conversations with people about particular songs, play that particular song, and there you have it. You have your very own radio recording created.

Audacity isn't the only software capable of doing such a thing. There are more programs out there that can do this, but Audacity is the greatest free program on the internet today.


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