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How to deal with failure and become successful

Updated on April 24, 2016
Our ever ongoing battle with failure
Our ever ongoing battle with failure

Everyone will fail sometime!

Failures are not bad at all!

Failures teach you how to be humble, patient, persevere, devoted, hard-working and of many other life's most precious qualities.

No one should say, " I am a failure and I only know how to make more mistakes in life." We are not born to be failures. Failures are just there. To egg us and jostle us towards success.

No failure is too big or too small. A small failure could set you back by a good deal. It could hurt like hell. Many people does not come out of it without getting harmed.They get burdened by it. They fall prey to it. Failures are everywhere. Sometimes, failure adds up and lead you towards ruin. This will continue to happen so long as we fail to deal with failure and start viewing it only as something temporary.

How we depend on failure to find success

Many people fall a prey to failure because they think it is something alien to them and without a purpose. They would wish that failure not come to them. They see failure as an indicator of doom and disaster. They would fight it with whatever they have without realizing that failure fuels the passion and gives a reason for existence. It helps with our imagination in making constant adjustments for finding possible ways to avoid failure and thereby, teaching us about the intricacies and of the delicate balance of the fabric of life.

If no one makes a mistake, our world would have been a completely different one. However, we do not make such assumptions here. We know that everyone makes mistakes and that everyone inevitably fails sometime. The world learns from the failures and the difficult experiences and have grown wiser over the years. The collective wisdom of the ages have spoken of a language of caution and advice and precautions.

Our knowledge and our science have been moving in this direction along lines of trials and errors and will continue this way. We can only mean one thing -- that we are not faring any better today than we were at an earlier time. We learnt everything by making mistakes.and by learning how to avoid them.

Does success depend on failure?
Does success depend on failure? | Source

How does it all work?

We have failed many times in the past and this only goes to shows that our noble intentions and effort to make life better was never without problems. Failure taught us many things about life including what is required of us to make life better and successful. And this made it possible for us to measure and possibly define what success is too.

Failure is ingrained into our life blood. No advancement is ever possible without making an all-out efforts to overcome failures. However, all our rich endeavors were met with an equal share of failures. By overcoming these failures, we re-affirm our commitment towards progress and development.

Our approach is to proactively respond to failure. We cannot pre-empt failure completely out of our life. Our future and our happiness would depends to a large extent on how we respond to failures in the best way possibl.e The best plans are not fool-proof. However, we can prepare for any eventualities. The lessons we derive from these experiences is not how to react to failures but to respond to it proactively i.e. to prepare for it with a fail-safe plan

There will always be failures in our pursuit for a better life. We can always expect some kind of failures throughout different life's stages. We can also learn how to successfully predict the outcome of our efforts by taking failure into account. Unless we take failure into account and find the different ways of averting it, measuring our successes would be an illusive exercise.

We learn from our failures to be successful

Buried under each pile of success lies thousands of unsuccessful attempts and failure. Let us not dwell on them anymore. Let us not dwell on failure for making our lives better but on the success and how we accounted on for it with pro-active plans. Failures helped us in finding a more successful alternative. It is this story of finding solutions and solving problems that all of our efforts were directed at. To keep the wheel of life well oiled and running smoothly. And failures just as much real as the successes.


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