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How to deal with a bad boss and cope up or deal with them

Updated on May 31, 2011

Having a bad boss can be stressful and horrific. You will surely be pitted against endless miseries unless you’ll put a stop and seek employment elsewhere. Having a bad boss will make you out-of-sync and makes you less productive. Your job and environment can be toxic. Sentiments like no pay hike, no compensation for a job well done, no room for improvements or there are not ample enough benefits (or the lack of it) are common. Moreover, bad bosses may exhibit bad characteristics that can easily reduce a staff into a pulp, with their brash words and domineering deeds.


Here are the different kinds of bosses and effective ways to cope up or deal with them according to Manila Bulletin in the Philippines:

The yelling boss – It’s no ordinary yell, it is so loud as it can easily rip through one’s ears causing a piercing feeling. No matter what, yelling can be so degrading especially on the part of those who receive them.

The detail-oriented, control-hungry boss – This type of boss has the penchant for details and craves for power. This makes the subordinates mere robots, which will only makes an action whenever they are meted out with orders to follow. The staff is also not given the privilege or the chance to think and be creative.

The de-motivator boss – This dominant type of boss will bog down with sheer might and force any contradictory ideas or suggestions. He is also capable of smother brilliant ideas that are waiting to be unleashed. If ever there is sharing of ideas during a meeting, the staff will just be contented holding their guards whilst the boss is having a grand day talking about his ideas on mind. Reduced to robots the staff will just be contended with their pay out twice a month.

The bad role model boss – It is imperative and given that the staff will look up to a good boss, with clean intentions, good breeding and immense talents, for their professional growth and as their personal role model. But what if a boss doesn’t live up to the expectation, as he doesn’t display uprightness at all and at the same time have twisted principles and intentions. This can truly be so disappointing. A good leader must serve their purpose of showing the right way to their subordinates, and not the exact opposite.

The fault-finder boss – This type of boss is capable of highlighting the not so bright qualities of different kinds of people under him. He is also capable of branding a person with demeaning nicknames so as to speak. So numb, he doesn’t really care if he already stepped on a person’s tail and he is already hurting their feelings.

The matchmaker boss – This type of boss have tendency to mix and match his subordinates and meddle with their private affairs. This can cause inconvenience and humiliation especially on the part of the girls.

The autocratic boss – This type of boss is also fond of inventing names of his subordinates to degrade their opinions. He also likes to make his subordinates, feel less important and their work and efforts seem like have no bearing at all. Autocratic bosses can easily whip up an environment filled with terror, resentments, hatred and detachment from his subordinates.

The credit-grabber boss - This type of boss is very capable of devising evil schemes and stratagems for their advantages and advancement. They are also capable of scoffing at your outputs in front of other people, using undermining ploys to humiliate you. They are senseless of their bad habits and they certainly don’t know what others feel about them. But if you come up with brilliant efforts that is doing well, they will not hesitate to take the credits.

A very frugal boss – This kind of boss, is I think one of the lowliest, since the staff is not given the compensation they deserved. The prices of almost all the things around including goods and services have increased many times over, but still, there is no pay hike in sight. Alas, this kind of boss is also not fond of handing out his employees the benefits which is mandated by the state. This is a classic case of negligence and greediness at its finest.

It is indeed tough to work with bad bosses that are equipped with bad and annoying work habits. They can capable of reducing you into a useless human being with no reasons to grab the limelight and earn accolades and compensation, for a work well done. But one way or another, you need to make your own course of actions to survive and save your dignity and integrity as a persevering subordinate.

Here are some effective tips or pointers to overcome a bad boss or superior with bad personnel management:

  • Go on with the flow of tides but make it a point that you will not be infected with the bad habits of your boss. Reason with them if you feel like they have empathy. Otherwise, God has its own manner of giving out justice.
  • Pity your boss instead (for your boss might have the problems not you).
  • Play the game with their caprices, if you think you are tough and you can stand them.
  • Be on a standstill and protect your own turf, if you mustered enough guts to be on level with them, otherwise not.
  • If you cannot stand your abusive boss, you can make a written complaint trough proper channels, to voice out your grievances and to talk to your boss how you felt.
  • You may also entertain the idea of being deployed in other departments which you feel have a better work environs. But make it a point that you have concrete reasons why you would like to be deployed.
  • If you are sick and tired of the system, it is always nice to have a refreshing start, which is to spread your wings and seek for greener pasture somewhere else. This will give you the chance to try out other institution or company that can enhance your skills, potentials, talents and self-esteem.


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