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How to deal with office idiots

Updated on March 27, 2010

office idiots shutup

office idiots shutup
office idiots shutup

How to deal with office idiots

Office idiots come in many shapes and sizes. Colors, and names.
(When i say colors, i mean clothing colors) :)

Being racist is mostly considered boring in todays society, its now more edgy to insult someone based on the color of their scarf. This can easily be classed as sexually threatening behavior in todays astute modern corporate world.

If you work in a team or at an office then the chances of you coming across the office idiot are very good. The chances of being annoyed by the office idiot? 100%

Follow this guide to deal with them effectively and swiftly.

Get Yourself a Gun

Depending on the seriousness of the situation, you could use one of the following guns :

  • Canon - Easy to destroy their car with
  • Bazooka - Perfect for removing small bits of their house
  • Sniper Rifle - Rubber bullets to the butt
  • Handgun - Pop out their tires while "tying your shoelace"
  • Water pistol - Opps you've just pee'd your pants

Your called a nerd or picked on - Comedy Duo Tehnique

When you are in the situation that someone may single you out, or look to impove their status, by insulting you for comedic pleasure.

This is purely what is happening at a fundamental level, so if you are taking it any more seriously, then you won't be able to flip the situation round.

God says turn the other cheek? Yeah, Bull Poo

Everybody has personalty flaws, so simply play the joke along, and find a trait of your comedic insulting partner, and then simply present it to the audience, in a way that is characteristic of you own comedy routine.

The audience will love that you have decided to engage instead of sitting out, which subconsciously they really don't want to do anyway.

This comedy duo method

This comedy duo method

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