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How to develop job search marketing plan

Updated on August 16, 2012

Remember the old saying that the job search is a job of its own, it is so true! And don't think that you are going to have a little vacation time while job searching. The market is not that open and saturated with variety of offers and it is your job, or your business, if you wish, to make sure you get out what you want of it- a new wonderful job!

Not only it takes a lot of time to look for job and network with people to score your next great job opportunity, it also take a lot of planning and discipline. In short, it calls for a special marketing plan. The marketing plan that you need to develop for yourself and the product that you are going to market to a potential employer is you and your skills and credentials.

So, how to develop job search marketing plan?

1. Realize that we are all self-employed!

Changing your mindset and coming to realisation that we are all self employed and are on the market to sell our skills and experience takes time, but it is a very important step in developing a job search marketing plan. Learn to feel in charge of your career development.

2. Understand the " product" and potential "customers".

Similar to a regular marketing plan you need to have a clear understanding of the product you market, and the potential customers. The only difference is that the product is " YOU", your skills, abilities, talents and credentials, and the " customers" are potential employers. Evaluate your current skill set and credentials, dig into yourself to discover your strengths. Research the market, and identify the all potential employers you want to "market yourself to".

3. What do I want and who are my potential employers?

Identity what type of employment you are looking for and with which employers.

4. How I will obtain such an employment?

Develop a detailed plan of actions, that include identifying needed training, networking events and actions to be taking to connect to other people who can help you in the job search.

At this stage make sure that you will establish SMART goals for yourself. Even if you will not be able able to achieve all of them, they will help you stay focused on the "prize", and won;t let you slip into depression or anxiety. Your goals should be something like- send 3 applications with superb cover letters a day, participate in 1 networking event per week, meet 2 new people a week , that can help me in my job search process and so force.

5. Track your action and celebrate success.

After the planning stage, get to work, and do attend the networking events, hone your resume and actually apply for the jobs. After completing the small actionable steps that you planned you will feel better about yourself and be able to achieve your goal of gainful employment. Make sure to take time to celebrate even a small success, like a phone interview or obtaining a new acquaintance, who can help you with your job search.

Here are some more resources on developing the job search marketing plan.


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