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How to recieve medical or technical training online

Updated on August 23, 2011

Completing Medical or Technical training from home

For those of us that are unable to travel to an actual campus, but desire to be in the medical or technical field, online classes are ideal and for some, an only option. You can now train to be a medical assistant, CNA, or fire officer and more completely online; with the exception of your externship; which can be done in your state or city at a facility of your choice. Also, paying out of pocket for your training is an option, but not necessary. Paying for your training is as simple as filing out your FAFSA to receive Pell, federal loans, and more dependent upon your state. These programs are perfect for people with limited transportation, people who are stay at home parents, or people who work full time or are already enrolled in college or a university, but need a trade.

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