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How to Do Online Marketing in a Difficult Niche

Updated on December 11, 2017
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Writer and marketing expert with a passion for technology, video games and travel. Writer for Vegasmaster online magazine.

Hard niches, hard work

Even if you have the best product out there, you have a hard time meeting prospective customers halfway without proper online marketing. We are so reliant on Internet advertising these days that in the absence of intelligent marketing strategies, even weaker competition would overtake us. Hard work is needed to stay ahead of the pack but when it comes to the most difficult niches, efforts needs to be doubled. What makes a certain niche difficult is not necessarily the existing competition, but outside restrictions.

Online gaming, Forex, gambling and other similar topics are frowned upon by some websites. This makes it more difficult to promote such content and those who are in this market have fewer options. This is obviously a big obstacle, but with a little bit of imagination and by using smart marketing tips, one can turn this shortcoming into an advantage. That’s because there are not many people out there capable of thriving in such a hostile environment.

Invest Time on Keyword Analysis

When something sounds too easy to be true it usually is and unfortunately the roads to riches are often long and twisted. Promoting goods of large consumption and services that people use on a daily basis is significantly less difficult than advertising in the aforesaid niches. On one hand, there are fewer keywords used routinely by those searching for such topics. On the other, many websites don’t like the idea of publishing investment, gaming or gambling content.

With these things in mind, those who are ready to embark on such an ambitious online marketing quest need to focus on long-tail keywords. Sometimes they are not the most obvious choice and that’s why it is mandatory to work with content creators that know the industry inside out. That’s because they promote a product or service to like-minded individuals who are more likely to search for specific things.

The choice for keywords is of particular importance and that is why preliminary research is essential. These longer keywords and specific phrases are not going to drive a lot of traffic right away but they pay off in the long run. It will make a business more visible to visitors that are more likely to become clients. In the end, the lower number of visitors brought in is offset by the superior conversion rate.

Make Smart use of Social Media

If you are to succeed in a difficult niche, then your marketing campaigns need to be well integrated with social media. People spend so much time online in these environments that it would be a terrible waste not to take full advantage of all this activity. Nevertheless, as discussed a few months ago in an article by Forbes, social media is still underrated. Online marketing requires people to get creative about link building and using social media as a tool can help. That’s because news travels faster when regular people become your unintended advertisers and talk to their friends and family about the product they see online.

Social media campaigns have become more expensive in recent years, but they are still reasonably priced. To make the most of this type of advertising, one also has to craft compelling content, to drive in interested readers. This can be a time-consuming process, but in the end the results will speak for themselves and also promote organic growth. The best case scenario is to have other people starting new topics of conversation built around your product or service.

Open topics, forums and polls are also effective ways of getting people engaged in conversations. If the seeds are planted correctly, then these discussions can grow freely and developer of their own volition with minimal outside involvement. Social media is also a great place to improve brand awareness and the ideal environment to share logos, images and brands.

Develop Relations with Influencers

Getting more people to talk about your products and services is always a smart way of promoting the brand. However, not all voices are just as strong and if you want to do proper online marketing in a difficult niche, it’s important to focus on those that matter the most. Developing strong and durable relations with influencers is something desirable and worth investing in. These people have already earned the respect of a part of the community and have dedicated crowds following them every day.

There are plenty of reasons for why such people succeed and their success stories are worth understanding and replicating. However, for an online marketing campaign, it is enough to catch their eye and develop partnerships with them. This can be achieved in different ways and go all the way from basic link exchanges to guest blog posting. If done right, it can be a mutually beneficial endeavor, with minimal costs and results that often meet and exceed expectations. Don't even know how to start? Check the guide “How to Get Promoted by Social Media Influencers When You’re a Nobody”, written by one of the most important marketing influencers, Neil Patel.

Tempting as it is to have your business promoted online as much as possible, it’s important to focus on quality partners. Settling for any related fields and websites is not the right thing to do despite the quick exposure that such an approach could generate. Preliminary research is very important to filter out those unworthy associates from influencers. Making the right choices early on will have beneficial effects in the long run, so it’s worth spending as much time as needed to get the job done.

In Conclusion

Promoting a business online is serious business and unfortunately there is no quick fix to most of the common problems. If your challenge of making a brand well known is aggravated by the sheer difficulties of certain niches, then even more effort is required. The good news is that competition is less intense in these tough areas, so if you do everything by the book you are more likely to prevail. This is an ongoing process, so you can’t afford to take the foot off gas and dwell on your success so far.

Pay attention to what others do to succeed and try to draw valuable conclusions from these observations. There’s nothing wrong in spying a little bit on your competitors, but always strive to be original. In order to stand out from the crowd, you might have to walk down the less traveled paths and take more chances. Luckily, the most effective strategies are also the ones that demand minimum risks and instead require qualities, such as patience, perseverance and creativity.


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