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How to dress professionally for Business?

Updated on November 9, 2012

Last Saturday, I was in my office with a T-Shirt and Jeans. Our office has a “Casual Dress” policy for Saturdays. That made me to think the importance of Professional Formal Dressing for men in India’s Corporate Culture. In India, Formal Dressing means full sleeve light colored shirt with dark trousers complimented with shoe. This part of the world do not use suit and tie frequently due to the climatic conditions. Generally people tend to be more formally dressed for their meetings with clients. Formally dressed persons are taken more seriously and a good impression can win you big deals. Here are some of the key benefits of formal dressing for men: -

1. First Impression: - One’s dressing sense is quickly noticed in corporate world and this as mentioned can win you big orders and also helps the management of a company to decide whom to promote. This indirectly tells how organized you are.

2. Indirect message: - Formal dressing indirectly denotes how potential or capable you are. Client is bound to take you seriously if your dress is coupled with good posture.

3. Command & Respect: - Professional dressing helps you to command respect over your co-workers. This can be a factor for your selection over others for promotion and great appraisal.

At the same time, selecting a good & correct dress is equally important.


Choosing a shirt for corporate use is a tricky affair. You should look into the fabric first. Countries like India do have extreme variation of climate across the distance. Hence it is best to select the fabric according to your job location. A person working in Northern part of India will find it extremely difficult to work in Southern part with the same fabric. Climatic temperature and humidity is a deciding factor here.

Secondly the size matters. Different brands have unique cut and design. If you are accustomed to one or few particular brands, always use them for office. You can start trying other brands for parties and other personal outings.

The color of the shirt is also very important. It is always advised to have light colors for office purpose. This matched with dark trousers do give a good impression.

Lastly one of the most deciding factors is the collar of the shirt. Collars come in different like normal pointed collar and a spread collar. Spread collars are known to be of contemporary fashion. The spread collar leaves more room for the tie. Some shirt styles have different colors for the collar that are usually bolder and darker than the main body.


First thing regarding trousers is its length. It is often said that your trouser leg should cover till the lace of the shoe. This indirectly means your socks should not be visible at any angle while you stand straight. Some people have a habit of folding the trouser end a bit. But it is a strict NO in corporate culture. In India, it is still considered to be a good fit, if your trouser is dark with neat pleats and with proper fit.


Tie should always compliment your dress. Correct length and breadth of the tie is very important. The tip of your tie to come right to the top of your belt buckle. The fabric of the tie should also be considered. Usually tie comes in silk, wool, cashmere etc. A thick fabric is always preferred for formal tie.

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Final Tips

There are some other common factors which need to be considered for a professional dress. One common point which holds good for men also is “provocative dressing”. One should not show too much skin while professionally dressed. Hence it is always advisable to wear full sleeve shirt. You may fold the sleeve a bit occasionally.

If someone wears messy, wrinkled or torn clothing, employers as well as co-workers may think that he do not care much about work. Hence nicely pressed dress is a strict demand of the corporate world.

Companies may have different dress culture. It will be a nice idea to check before you intend to visit any office. If you are new to the job and office, seeking help with the Human Resource Team is the best bet for the day.


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