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How to earn Online

Updated on July 1, 2012

Start earning online

These days earning online have become very popular profession. Beginners search about methods like data entry jobs,E-mail reading and Pay per click sites,to be frank there are no jobs like this if available they pay very small amount.Here i have included the best options to earn online.

1. Blogging: Blogging is the best method to earn online,just choose a topic of your interest and you can start blogging.You need a Domain Name,Web hosting and a CMS probably Wordpress.One thing to take care is that the content must be genuine.Google Adsense and AdBrite are best abvertisers to make you earn online.

2. Freelancer: Becoming freelancer is another good option.For beginners is the best.Choose the jobs which you can do for others.If you are not good in programming then you can select options like reviews,data entry and data processing.Bidding is the next step to get then job.A pretty good sum can be earned if you are perfect in PHP or Java.Professionals prefer freelancer as compared to Permanent jobs because they can earn big in small time.

3. Affiliate Program: It is the options if you own a website or a blog.Sites like Amazon and Ebay provide affiliate programs for sites.The pay the site owner if anyone signed up by clicking the advertisement placed on their site.It is very effective method.

4. Revenue sharing sites: If for some reason site can't be created then revenue sharing sites are best method.These sites share the money which is earned by your article(By placing AdSense Advertisements).It is just same as creating own website but you are snaring some percentage with others.Following are some very good revenue sharing sites:


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